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Summer Subluxations

Oh, the stories we chiropractors hear on the Mondays of summer, as the refugees of over-ambition arrive for care, those who squeezed as much as possible into the all-too-brief summer weekends, often squeezing past the feedback of their bodies.  "I did this, we did that, I had to do this, we couldn't pass up doing that, do you think that's why I feel like this now?," etc.
As we all are aware, subluxations can occur when the spine and nerve system have received a stress beyond its ability to handle, be it physical, mental/emotional, or chemical stress.  Subluxations are an expression, internal feedback where interference develops as a response to an experience in our environment - in our life.
Summertime has its own unique pulse and pace, and our lives reflect that.  So, now that we are entrenched in summer, let's explore subluxations that can occur as a response to this season - topics to include gardening, air conditioning, sports, and travel.
The art of gardening can include passion, obsession, Houdini-like contortions, the overloading of reluctant muscles, chemical assault, and oh, yes, peace.  Remember that subluxations result from stress that the body cannot handle.  Chiropractic-wise gardeners know to listen when their bodies plead for alternate positions, giving muscles a chance to recover.  And, they know to stop and "smell the roses" while working in the garden to refresh their mind and emotions.  All living things benefit from regular care, so as you would check for weeds that can interfere with your garden, you'll want to be checked for subluxations that can interfere with your life.
Air conditioning is something I can never imagine not having during the summer.  Yet, it's important to consider the stress load on the body's temperature control center.  As you move from unnaturally cold interiors to a hot exterior, the body receives confusing information as to what season it is.  And, the majority of air pollution (we are told) is indoors, in sealed buildings, impacting respiratory and immune systems for many.  This environmental stress taxes the human response system, including the immune system, and basically the choice is boost or bust.  Boost for me is through chiropractic.
Water-skiing, mountain biking, swimming, rafting, softball, baseball, etc., are all activities of summer that are enormous fun.  But, they are a lot more fun if we are healthy.  One of the great benefits of chiropractic care is the symmetry that develops as a body moves towards health and organization instead of the chaos and disorganization that are associated with subluxation.  Symmetry and coordination in the body can make a big impact on performance, enjoyment and recovery in all sports, a benefit many Olympians and top athletes who utilize chiropractic appreciate.
Travel is such a big summer activity; it could easily have its own article. A small list of potential causes of subluxation include: sleeping in strange beds; eating foods that you do not normally eat; performing activities that your body may be not used to; sitting for long periods of time in a car, airplane, or other forms of transportation; disrupted sleep schedule; the list can go on and on.
Having a spine free of subluxation will help you better adapt to these summertime situation, but it may be inevitable that they may cause a subluxation.  Just make sure you keep your scheduled appointments or maybe even get checked a little more often than you normally would. Let's make this a healthy and enjoyable summer for all.

Prepare to Be-Your-BEST!
Speed, stamina, strength, vitality, health, productivity, confidence, power, respect, concentration, all words that define a person functioning at their absolute best.

How are you doing?  Do you dream to excel in any of these areas?  Lets say you could and did, excel beyond your wildest dreams.
How would the quality of your life improve?

What new doors would open for you, in your career and personal life?  Would you make more money?  Would you have more fun with your kids, spouse, or friends, doing things you thought you could never do in the past?  Would you be happier with yourself and get along better with others?  Would you personally challenge yourself and take risks you may not have in the past because now you believe in yourself, have the confidence in your abilities and in what you can accomplish?

These are some of the personal questions I ask some individuals who come into my office and seek to improve the overall quality of their lives.  If you aren't one of those people that gets his/her spine checked regularly, what are you waiting for?  The time for you to make a positive change is now, today!
I understand that the first step is by far the hardest, but the most important.  Why?  Because it secures your commitment to become better tomorrow than you are today.  This first step not only takes guts, but it also takes desire and dedication.  My personal experience tells me that in life, anyone can achieve anything they truly put their mind to.
It simply amazes me that given a choice, many in today's society would opt for the easiest possible way out.  We, as a society, have been classically conditioned not to only seek out, but request, the so-called "magic bullet" that we think has the best chance to cure whatever ails us.
Today, many wish to excel into excellence, in a variety of different areas of life, but don't want to put forth the time or the extra effort to learn what it truly takes, to become their absolute best.

Many would rather spend their hard earned money on some kind of get rich/get healthy/get fit quick infomercial scams, which don't usually work anyway.  When you go back and ask these same people why hasn't the quality of their life improved?  They tend to reply, "I tried to better myself and improve my situation, but it just didn't quite work out as planned."  Now, they are right back to where they started from and find themselves asking, what next?

How important is it for you to make sure that your body functions at its optimum potential each and every day of your life?  The truth is, anything worth having, material or not, comes with a price and that price requires commitment, dedication, and desire which no one can instill in you but yourself.  How committed are you when it comes to being your absolute physical and mental best?  Are you willing to pay the price?  To do whatever it takes to insure that it does?  I know you would love to reap all the wonderful rewards, wouldn't we all?

Just think for a moment as to how your life would improve if you just got a better quality of sleep?  Would you have more energy during the day?  Would you be more productive at work or school?  Would you make more money and be able to provide more for your family?  Would you get better grades?  Maybe get into a better career?  Would your self-esteem improve?

Take a moment and answer some of these questions for yourself.  I know what my answer would be.  An even more encompassing question would be how would the quality of your life improve if your body just worked better?
Before you answer this one, stop, take a moment and seriously think about it.  You could come up with hundreds, if not thousands of ways that life would be better.  Maybe we should all list our top 10 or even our top 100 just to solidify our commitment to regular chiropractic care.
Let me take a moment and share two secrets with you.

First, you were designed for greatness, to excel physically, mentally and emotionally, on all levels.  Greatness surfaces from the inside out.  There is no other way.  No one can make you great.  You have to first commit yourself to maximizing your potential for greatness for it to come forth.  It saddens me to see ambitious, hard-working people with so much potential go through life settling for mediocrity.  Most people don't even acknowledge their potential for greatness.  Most people dare to dream big but never develop the guts or the game plan it takes to become successful at anything they do in life.  Usually because they are afraid of judgment, criticism, rejection, and lack self-confidences.

Second, to maximize 100% of your potential in life you must first become, subluxation-free.  Vertebral subluxations (misalignments of any of the 24 bones in your spine) have devastating effects on a person's overall ability to perform at their personal best in any area of their life, if left uncorrected.  You cannot have subluxations and express 100% of your potential.  You have to pick one or the other.

The truth is, most subluxations have no symptoms and only a chiropractor is trained to locate, analyze and correct them.  When there is a subluxation in your spine, your immune system does not work as it should.  The organs and cells involved in keeping your resistance to viruses and bacteria are working less than their potential.  When you are subluxated, you can't think as well, your energy levels are decreased, you can't sleep as well, your income earning capacity suffers and you begin taking steps further and further away from achieving your goals and your dreams.  We can go on and on about the negative effects of being subluxated.  Basically, realize that a vertebral subluxation, negatively affects every part of your body, because every part of your body in one way or another is dependent upon a properly functioning nerve system.

In this day and age when there are so many stresses placed upon our bodies (chemical, physical, and emotional/mental), we can't afford to have an improperly functioning nerve system.  You must understand that you cannot do anything about your genetic weakness inherited from your parents, but you sure can keep the wide spread negative effects of vertebral subluxations to a minimum be seeing your chiropractor and getting your spine checked regularly.

By keeping your nerve system free from vertebral subluxations, you can help to ensure that you express as close to 100% of your potential as possible so that you will have the best chance to enjoy the quality of life you truly deserve.  Subsequently, you may also begin to develop the strength, courage and energy you will need to chase your dreams.
So, some people think chiropractic is only about neck and back aches.  Think again!  As you can now clearly see, it's more than just that.  Chiropractic is about human performance and being your absolute best each and everyday of your life.
Now, I dare you, Dream BIG & Live LARGE! You deserve the BEST in Life! So, go out & get it!

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