September 2012


For Life?

          Who believes that in order to get fit and in shape, it requires just one good workout?  One solid session in the gym with the weights, yoga mat, treadmill, etc. and that’s it.
          Of course nobody believes this.
          We all know that getting in shape is a process that requires regular exercise.  There is usually a ramp up phase in the beginning where we shake of the cobwebs, deal with the after workout soreness and take the first steps to getting back into shape.  Once we get the ball rolling, we know that in order to stay in shape, we have to exercise regularly.  How long do we need to continue exercising for?  That all depends on how long you want to be fit.  If lifetime fitness is a goal, then lifetime exercise is a must.
               How about when it comes to healthy eating?  Is it reasonable to think that after eating one big veggie laden salad, you’re all of a sudden nutritious?
          Once again this line of thinking is ridiculous.  It is common sense to know that healthy eating is not a one-time event.  We can’t eat one healthy meal and expect the nutrients from the meal to provide healthy fuel for our body throughout life.  If we want to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition, we all know that this is something that is done over the course of our lives, not just for one meal or even for one full month.
          What about when it comes to recuperation and recovery?  Does anyone believe that it takes just one full, restful night sleep and we are good to go?
          Wouldn’t that be nice?  We all know that in order to allow our bodies to rejuvenate and recover, we need to get some sleep each night.  And how long does this go on?  We sleep throughout the course of our entire lives to allow our bodies to recover and repair.
          Well, what about chiropractic care?  The same line of thinking we used for the above examples can be applied to chiropractic care as well.
          First, let’s look at what chiropractic does and clear up any misunderstandings.  Chiropractors work to remove interference from the nerve system (which is the system that coordinates and controls everything in the body).
          What causes interference to the nerve system?  Stress!  Actually, stress that overcomes our ability to properly "handle" it.  Physical, chemical and emotional stressors result in nervous system interference (think accidents, falls, sports injuries, smoking, pollution, financial worries, job stress).  You get the idea.
          How is the interference removed?  By adjusting the spine to restore clear communication between the brain and the body (via the spinal cord). Once the brain-body connection is restored, proper healing and normal function begin to take place.
          So is the goal of chiropractic to alleviate back pain, neck pain or headaches?  No, these are just wonderful side-effects of having clear nerve system communication.
          How often should our nerve systems be clear of this interference?  Well considering the fact that the nerve system runs the body, shouldn’t the answer be as often as possible?  Of course! 
          And that is why most chiropractors recommend that their practice members return every week for a “tune-up” throughout their lives.
          Why for life? 
          Well since none of us lives in a bubble, and we are all exposed to stress throughout life, regular chiropractic care to remove the interference caused by stress makes sense.  For the same reasons you would exercise throughout life, eat healthy foods and get sleep, make sure you maintain a clear brain-body connection throughout life too!

Top Three Dumb Things People Say To Chiropractors

          Ok so I don't really know if these three are "the dumbest," I just knew the title would work to grab your attention, and I was going to do a top ten, but there is more than ten.  I just want to make it short and sweet and get to the point.  And please realize that this is coming from a place of love and caring for those of you that need to hear this.  So here it goes. 
          Number three:  "Doc, sorry I missed my appointment." 
          I used to hear this one much more.  I don't know if I don't hear it as much the last couple years because I'm busier, people just innately know it's a dumb thing to say, or if it's just that I focus more on people that "get it" more so than the people who don't.
          But a couple weeks ago, one of my practice members said this to me.  I replied, "Why are you apologizing to me and not yourself?"  "It's your spine not mine being neglected, it's your potential being affected not mine."  As a matter of fact, I make it a point to get checked by my chiropractor at least twice a week if not more.  Many of my practice members drive over an hour every week to receive care. 
          Number Two:  "Maybe it's my pillow (or mattress)" 
          "It's not your pillow, it's your neck!"  This is the standard answer to this question from Chiropractors that understand the mess most people's necks are in after years of neglect.  I'm not saying you shouldn't find a pillow or a mattress that "works" for you, whatever that means, but a pillow can't fix nerve system insult caused by years of chronic Vertebral Subluxations. 
          Number One:  "I never had back problems, I don't need a Chiropractor, I feel fine!" 
          While everyone loves to feel good, judging your health on just how you feel can be disasterous.  Below is a list of just a few things that you can't feel until the late stages of the disease and need the help of a health care provider to detect:
          High cholesterol
          Any type of internet search for "asymptomatic diseases or asymptomatic  conditions" will show you a bunch of things you can't feel that are affecting your function. As a matter of fact, "According to a study published in European Heart Journal, 43 percent of heart attacks in people over the age of 55 go unrecognized until an incidental electrocardiogram (EKG) is done."  (
          Chiropractors check the spine for Vertebral Subluxations, they are detrimental to your nerve system and to your expression of Life, they have no symptoms, and not even a Chiropractor knows when he has one.  And guess what? Your nerve system is directly responsible for your ability to adapt, heal, function, etc. 
          So ... don't miss appointments, your pillow will not save your neck, and don't judge your health by "how you feel." 
          See you soon.

It's the Pollen In The Air

          Some time back, a news item appeared on television concerning a problem that many residents of Arizona were experiencing.  It seems that many have moved to the state to get away from the pollen and its associated allergies.  These “transplants” have come from the west, the east, and even from England.  They all have something in common: pollen had caused them to be miserable during certain times of the year.  The dry, desert-like air of a particular area of Arizona offered relief.
          However, many of them, as well as their neighbors, missed much of the natural growth - the trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass of their former homes.  As a result, they began planting the very pollen-producing flora that they had left.  It is not difficult to figure out what happened.  Allergies have come to the southwest!  This situation demonstrates the difficulty and often the futility of trying to change your environment.
          There is another approach.  That approach concerns itself with enabling the body to adapt to the environment rather than changing the environment.  Those with allergies who can afford to change their environment (by moving to Arizona) may feel better but as we can see from this example, that is not a foolproof method.  If the body can be made to work properly it has a greater potential to adapt to its environment, whatever that environment might be.
          Of the two approaches this one is clearly the superior. 
          If the body is working properly then health has been improved.  With the first approach, the individual is no healthier.  He or she is just in a situation where the environment is not an influencing factor.
          Chiropractors take the second approach.  Chiropractors have found that vertebral subluxation (misalignment of the bones of the spine) interferes with the proper function of the nerve system.  This interference decreases the body’s proper function and consequently reduces the ability of the body to adapt to pollen or any other normal part of the environment.  Their objective is to provide regular care to enable the body to function at a greater potential, thereby enabling the individual to better adapt.


-- Thank you to Dr. Brent Vuyovich and Dr. Rene Freedom Acosta.

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