August 2013


Autopsies and Chiropractic

Recently an article made its way around Facebook and was reposted by most chiropractors.  It wasn't a badly written article, although being someone who likes to be specific in my terminology, I did have some issues with the way some terms were used and defined.


The article was about the Winsor Autopsies.  The Winsor Autopsies refers to an article posted by Dr. Henry Winsor way back in 1921 in the Medical Times.  Dr. Henry Winsor was a medical doctor at the University of Pennsylvania.  After hearing peoples responses to chiropractic care and chiropractor's claims that they can help people become healthier, he took it upon himself to see if he could find any evidence between certain areas of the spine being subluxated and a subsequent malfunction of organs.


Dr. Winsor dissected human and animal (cat) cadavers that had known specific organ failures as a cause of death to see if there was a relationship between any diseased internal organs and the vertebrae (bones of the spine) associated with the nerves that traveled to those organs.

He found two hundred twenty one (221) diseased organs.  He traced the nerve supply of these organs back to the spine to see if there was any abnormal spinal issues (subluxations).  Of these, 212 were observed to have issues with the spine that supplied nerves to the organs.  Nine diseased organs had problems in the spine above or below the main area. These figures cannot be expected to exactly coincide, for an organ may receive nerves from several spinal segments, and several organs may be supplied with nerves from the same spinal segments.  But, there was nearly a 100% correlation between subluxations in the spine and diseases of the internal organs.  Similar studies by other researchers have confirmed Dr. Winsor’s conclusion that problems at the spine (subluxations) have a high correlation with disease processes.

However, my goal has never been about scaring people into receiving care.  People don't instantly develop organ failure when a subluxation occurs, but all subluxations cause a lessening of human and life potential in areas such as:  adapting to the toxins in the environment, physical coordination at work and for sports, digesting and converting food into you, resisting and recovering from disease, maintaining emotional balance, handling stress, creating: music, art, literature, poetry & dance; learning, thinking clearly, concentrating & remembering, laughing, crying, communicating, loving, sleeping, conceiving and bearing children, making decisions, forgetting unpleasantness, enjoying a happy sex life .... everything you do and are.

My wish has been that you realize that chiropractic can not only help to make you healthier, but it can enhance your overall life potential and experience and that you'll want to receive care more for the possibilities of what can happen when your body can function as it was created to, as opposed to just removing a contributor to an early death.    

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living".
-Nelson Mandela


Don't Be Like Mike?

It was lunch time at the office.  Each of the employees took a seat at the cafeteria and began to open their lunch boxes. As the new guy Mike opened his lunch box, a look of great disappointment appeared on his face and he exclaimed, "Oh no! Not peanut butter and jelly again! I HATE peanut and jelly!" Reluctantly, he ate his lunch and returned to work with the others.


The next day at lunch, the same exact scene repeated itself with Mike yelling, "Oh No! Not peanut butter and jelly again! I HATE peanut butter and jelly!" As the week progressed, this same scene was played out each day until finally on Friday, Pete, Mike's supervisor said, "Jeez Mike! Why don't you tell your wife to make you something else if you hate peanut butter and jelly so much?"


Mike looked at Pete with a look of bewilderment on his face and replied, "My wife? I'm not married! I make my own lunch every day!"


Most people reading this have now come to the conclusion that Mike is an idiot for complaining about getting the same thing in his lunch box every day since he is the one putting it in there. But let me ask you a question.


Is there some challenge in your life that seems to keep coming back? Maybe it's something with your finances, your relationships or possibly even -- your health. Does something just keep coming back that makes you want to scream, "OH NO, NOT AGAIN?!"


Is it possible that there are certain choices you keep making that actually contribute to this thing's return? Might you be engaging in some activity you know you shouldn't be doing? Could you be eating or drinking something you know is more likely to hurt you than help you in the long run? Do you smoke or use drugs and take unnecessary medications on a regular basis? Do you stay up all hours of the night only to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and off to a job you can't stand?


Maybe you don't do anything really harmful, and yet you also consistently avoid things that you know will actually grow your health like exercising regularly, getting enough water, deep breathing, eating a diet high in fruits and veggies, spending time in meditation/prayer, getting adequate sleep, etc.


It is likely that each time this problem begins to appear, you get some help and make some changes so that you feel better. But then what happens once this thing has gone again? Do you go right back to your life the way it was and begin gradually creating it all over again?


EVERYTHING in life is a continual process of creation! You always have the choice of either creating what you want or what you don't want. The trick in getting what you want is to CONSCIOUSLY create it! Get a clear idea of what you want and then TAKE ACTION STEPS THAT ARE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR VISION. Each and every time you make a decision ask yourself, "Which way will this ultimately lead me - toward growing a little, or toward dying a little?"


It won't always be easy. I make blunders on many health issues all the time. But the one thing I won't ever miss if at all humanly possible is my adjustment.


Of course, you don't have to take action steps to improve your health and life. You could keep on complaining about what you've made. But then don't be surprised if people think you're an idiot too. After all, there are lots of people that are just like Mike!

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