February 2013

3G or 4G?
by Jason Meyerson, D.C.

I finally went through the process of upgrading to a “smart” phone. You still have the choice, with certain phones, to get on a 3G or 4G network. (3G + 4G are networks that provide wireless service to devices for voice, video, internet etc... and they have different capabilities). What is the difference? Simply put 4G is newer, better, and mainly just faster. And in trying both you can just experience that the same task on 4G is quicker. Who wants to wait longer, if you have the choice? Do we have an option like this with our bodies for a better faster system verses a slower older one?


Our bodies do not operate internally on a changeable wireless system. In fact the body is more like the old land line idea, the brain, through nerves, directly connects to every part of the body to control, coordinate and communicate with the literally trillions of cells that make up you.


How important is this connection and this communication between the brain and the body? It is a matter of expressing life. The brain is sending life messages to the body, specific messages so the body can carry out tasks, adapt to the environment and live. Take a cell or part of you out of the body or just disconnect it from the brain and see what happens. Nothing good, and you will be facing a non covered out of warranty service most likely.


Can something interfere with the life messages from the brain to the body? Can something cause your vital nervous system to function in a slower or poorer way (like running on 3G instead of 4G)? Yes, a vertebral subluxation, a spinal misalignment causing nerve interference, does. The result of a subluxation is that performance is decreased and the problems related to inferior function will result. Your life experience will not be as good, and it can't be.


Should you just live with a 3G type of body and life experience, slower, poorer and subpar performance? Or is it worthwhile to run your body on a system clear of interference with improved strength, health and performance? How much life expression do you want? Kind of like what kind of a cell signal do you want? All the bars? Maximum signal? Or one bar with a distorted signal and poor performance? Getting adjusted, and removing the interference, gives you a better experience, better function and better performance. We are not talking about some device you will discard in a few years, but your body.


Some of the mobile carriers may offer you a choice of which network you would like to utilize, you also have a choice with your body as well. Stop by the office and make sure you are getting the most life, health and performance out of the system you are running on.

Feeling vs. Function
by Brent Vuyovich, D.C.

What do you base your health on? If you’re like many people maybe you relate your health to how you feel. “Well I feel fine so I must be healthy.” “It doesn’t bother me too much so it’s not that big of a deal.” This assumption that health is based on how we feel has led to more people each year being diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and just about any other disease you can think of because it has led to a reactive approach towards health. Pain and symptoms can give clues to malfunction in the body, but their absence does not mean one is healthy. Unfortunately, there are people living in your town or city who have cancer or heart disease and don’t even know it yet. Let’s look at why it’s a bad idea to base your health strictly on how you feel.


What is the first sign of heart disease in most cases? A massive heart attack! How many of you know someone who went in for a routine screening or a mammogram only to find out he/she had stage 4 cancer? Does anyone know a diabetic? If a diabetic takes their insulin shots they typically feel good. Does this mean they are healthy? Of course not! A diabetic cannot regulate blood sugar due to poor lifestyle choices, a faulty pancreas or a combination of the two. Here’s one more example. Let’s say you and I decided to go grab some seafood. Let’s pretend the fish was spoiled. You go home and fall asleep no problem and this toxic food makes its way into your bloodstream and tissues. I go home and spend the night face down in the toilet vomiting up this toxic food. I may feel terrible, but my body is rejecting something that is bad for it. Which response sounds healthier?


I hope you’re starting to see why it’s such a bad idea to base health on how you feel. Symptoms are almost always the last thing to show up in any disease process. Any disease, no matter what the name, is simply the body malfunctioning in some form. Anytime we lose normal function, we move away from our natural state of health. As this malfunction continues over time, most people have no idea it’s even occurring. Finally, after a far enough shift away from normal function the body will try to get our attention with signs and symptoms. And what do most people do when this happens? Cover up the symptom with a pill, potion or lotion without figuring out why the body was malfunctioning in the first place.


I hope it is clear now why it’s not the best idea to base health on how we feel. To change some of the current trends we must base health on how we function. Any loss of normal function causes a shift away from optimum health. So how can we make sure we are functioning at a high level? By making smart lifestyle choices early and throughout your life. Eating natural foods, getting plenty of movement, sleeping enough, etc. It is also vital to take care of your spine and nervous system, which is comprised of your brain, spinal cord and nerves! Anytime there is interference to this system, you cannot function optimally or be at your BEST. The spinal bones, over the course of our lives will misalign as we are exposed to various stresses. Often, this occurs initially with no symptoms. The aim of chiropractic is to restore proper nerve flow by restoring proper spinal alignment and motion with the adjustment. Don’t wait until things begin to break down before taking action. Chiropractic is not a treatment for anything. It is the removal of nerve interference to allow for a greater expression of LIFE! Regardless of how you feel you’re much better off subluxation free.

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