March 2013


So Who Benefits?

          Who benefits from chiropractic?
          On the surface this may seem like a bold claim so let’s take a closer look. In order to fully understand and appreciate who benefits from chiropractic we have to first understand exactly what chiropractors do. Chiropractors understand that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing entity run and governed by an inborn intelligence.
          Think about it for a minute. Who you are today started with just two cells. How did those two cells know to multiply and grow and differentiate to become what you are today? How does your heart know to beat and your stomach know to digest food? Are these things you consciously control? Of course not! Our bodies know to do these things and so much more because of an inborn wisdom.
          Think about difference between a living person and a recently deceased corpse. Both have hearts, brains, nerves, organs, etc. but there is a major difference. If the living being gets a paper cut it will heal, the corpse will not. The corpse lacks the life force or intelligence that is present in the living person.
           This intelligence is expressed over the body’s nerve system. The nerve system consists of the brain, spinal cord and a vast network of nerves, which go to every single cell of your body. Your nerve system controls and coordinates every single action in your body. This is done as messages are sent from the brain, down the spinal cord and over the nerves and vice versa.
          The nerve system is so vitally important that it is encased in bone for protection. The skull surrounds the brain and the spinal bones surround and protect the spinal cord. Another intelligent design!
           Over the course of our lives we are exposed to a variety of stress. Our bodies are constantly adapting to stress. Some of the stress is very beneficial such as exercise or fueling the body with healthy foods. Other types of stress are negative.
          There are three types of negative stress: physical, chemical and emotional. For the sake of brevity I will only list a few examples as I’m sure you all can think of other types that fit into these categories. For physical we have falls, injuries, car accidents, etc. For chemical we have pollution, smoking, processed foods, etc. For emotional we have job worries, financial issues or relationship problems. It is this negative stress that impacts and interferes with the delicate nervous system.
           These negative stresses we encounter throughout life lead to misalignments of the spinal bones. When this happens it causes a disconnect between the brain and the body, or an interference to the nerve system. These misalignments that cause interference to the nerve system are called subluxations. Subluxations always cause us to operate at less than 100% of our potential as humans.
           How common is this interference? How much negative stress have you encountered over the course of your life? How many slips and falls did you have as a kid? How many sports injuries? How many car accidents? How many unhealthy meals? How many tests causing stress? I could go on for a long time but I think you get the point.
          And does the stress ever stop? Of course not! We do not live our lives in a bubble. Subluxations are an inevitable part of life.
          It is also important to note that most subluxations occur with no signs and symptoms. This is why it makes so much sense to make chiropractic a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.
           Chiropractic is about one thing…removing subluxations so the body’s inborn wisdom can be better expressed over the nerve system! It has to be made clear that chiropractic is not a treatment for anything. That is not the goal of chiropractic. The goal is to remove subluxations so the body’s inborn wisdom can be better expressed. When your nerve system is operating free from interference you are better off whether you have symptoms or not. This should make sense. Interference to the nerve system = bad; removing this interference = good. This is true for everyone.
           So who benefits from chiropractic? EVERYONE!

          Who should have their spine checked regularly? Anyone who wants to function better in every area of life. Chiropractic is for all people, not just sick people. The newborn, the pregnant mom, the athlete, the CEO, the working father, the grandparents are all better off with a clear brain-body connection and a clear nerve system.

Living Your Life Out Loud

          In our culture today, the popular idea about how your body works is disappointing, to say the least:

"The quality of your life is largely determined by a series of factors that are beyond your control and outside your sphere of responsibility. You are meant to get sick and break down. You will eventually need a doctor to "fix" you when your symptoms become uncomfortable and start interfering with the things you enjoy in life. Masking and numbing the symptoms, after they appear, allows you to get by in life with minimum discomfort, as your body gets older and continues to break down. "

          To a rational person, this idea is missing a great deal of logic and common sense. Yet, advertisements and television commercials are bombarding you with this very message. Don't believe me? Take a look around and judge for yourself
          Thankfully, not everybody thinks way.
          In actual fact, the natural design of your body is magnificent.
          When working properly, your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and maintain itself in perfect function and harmony throughout its lifetime. Your body will make every chemical you will ever need... chemicals for digestion, emotional balance, sleeping, waking up, detoxification, painkillers, antibiotics, antihistamines... as long as your body if functioning properly.
          Your life should be rather like a candle... that burns brightly from beginning, all the way down to the very end, then flickers once or twice and goes out. And if you're not experiencing that kind of life, it's not bad luck!
          You haven't yet discovered how millions of people live vibrant and fulfilling lives. They "live out loud," as surely as darkness fades in the presence of light. Hey... you know people like this!
          It comes down to one simple idea... something that Chiropractors are very concerned about.
          Most people know that Chiropractors have a special interest in the spine. The popular idea about Chiropractic has to do with treating aches and pains... when your back or neck gets "out of whack," you can go to a Chiropractor to get it "cracked," and it will feel much better.
          But if you use Chiropractic just for aches and pains, you're getting only 2% of the full benefit of Chiropractic, and you're missing out on the other 98%. So what does your spine have to do with all the functions and potentials of your body?
          Well, as it turns out... a lot.
          Your spine is made of 24 bones that cover and protect your spinal cord... the precious lifeline of your body. Your spinal cord and nerve system have the job of carrying information (electrical signals) clearly and accurately between your brain and the rest of your body. It is through this vast communication network that your inborn intelligence controls and coordinates the countless billions of chemical reactions and body functions that, collectively, we call "LIFE."
          A vertebral subluxation is a tiny misalignment and loss of normal movement in your spine. Although a subluxation itself is very subtle, and doesn't cause pain or symptoms, it causes nerve system interference by disturbing the vital communication between your brain and body. Since you can't feel the messages that travel over your nerve system, disruption of those nerve messages from tiny subluxations may go unnoticed for years.
          As a consequence, most people go through life with faulty body function. Even though they may "feel OK," their potential for life is quietly being choked off.
          Most people know that Chiropractic is something good; they hear good things from their friends, families, and coworkers who have experienced the great results of Chiropractic for themselves. Whenever I tell people I'm a Chiropractor, their face usually lights up. We talk for a minute or two, then they take my business card and say...
"I'll give you a call. I definitely need to come in and see you."
          Unfortunately, many people don't act on that statement for weeks, months, sometimes even years. And they, like you, are the lucky ones.... they actually heard the truth and common sense about Chiropractic. Remember that most people still think Chiropractors are just "backache doctors!"
          Chiropractic, used intelligently, is not about backaches. IT'S ABOUT YOUR LIFE! No matter how healthy your diet is, you can't get all the necessary nutrients from your food if your nerve system isn't sending the right information. No matter how much you exercise at the gym, or run, or swim, you will never achieve optimal strength, flexibility, or speed if you leave your spine subluxated. No matter how much you rest, you cannot fully recuperate, recharge, or relax if your delicate nerve system is being irritated by painless subluxations in your spine.
          If you understand the beauty of living without subluxations choking your nerve system, and understand the consequences of leaving your subluxations uncorrected to cause damage, disharmony and malfunction, then there is only one thing left to say...

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