May 2013



Icing on the Cake!

          I feel blessed to have the opportunity as a Chiropractor to witness what the body is capable of when the inborn wisdom or life force that runs it is given a better chance to fully express itself.
          Some of the potential ADDED BENEFITS of a clear nerve supply due to regular Chiropractic care that people have shared with me include increased energy, improved sleep, better moods, improved healing, etc.  I love hearing practice members share how Chiropractic has affected them since making care a part of their lifestyle.  I also want to point how these possible added benefits are like "icing on a cake” or the “tip of the iceberg.”
          It’s important to remember that as a Chiropractor my goal is not to make someone feel a certain way or to treat anything.  My objective to is remove vertebral subluxations that interfere with the expression of the body’s inborn wisdom over the nerve system.         

          Whenever a practice member shares some of their experiences, I like to also point out the trillions of functions that are improved with each adjustment that are perhaps never consciously noticed or felt.  Each second there are countless processes that occur behind the scenes to keep you going (things like hormone production, filtering of blood, turning food into new cells, etc.).  Each adjustment helps restore the brain-body connection and allows your innate intelligence a better chance to express itself and run each of these processes.
          How cool is that!  I get goose bumps just typing that out!
          As a Chiropractor it is impossible for me to predict how someone is going to feel after implementing Chiropractic.  Each individual is unique and there are so many factors involved in health and healing, including food choices, exercise, sleep habits, emotional factors, limitations of matter, previous traumas, etc.  This is why I choose to practice in a non-therapeutic model.
          Chiropractic is not a treatment for any condition or disease, and while I cannot predict what someone may or may not experience, I can say with complete confidence that the body has a better chance to run and heal itself without vertebral subluxations.

~Brent Vuyovich, DC

Rock, Paper, Scissors

       We are all familiar with the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors," a quick way to decide the winner or loser in various, typically friendly, social situations from who gets the last hot wing to who will pay the dinner check.   Basically, it works this way:  two players tap their closed fist into their opposite hand, counting the taps, and on the fourth count, instead of tapping again into their palm, they each hold out either a closed fist, representing a rock, an open hand, representing a sheet of paper, or two extended fingers slightly separated, representing scissors.  There's a simple hierarchy employed to decide the winner: rock dulls scissors, paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper.  If the players display the same item, it's a tie and they try again until a winner is decided.

          There's a chiropractic version of this game that is played in our offices every day.  Let's call it "Ignorance, Indifference, Vision."  The game is most often played between a layperson and a non-therapeutic (objective straight) chiropractor but it can sometimes involve two laypersons or two different chiropractors.  We will focus on the outcomes of the game when played between a layperson and a non-therapeutic chiropractor. 
          As with RPS, each player displays one of the three possible playing elements, Ignorance, Indifference, or Vision.  Unlike RPS, however, there are no ties, no do-overs; there may be a winner and a loser, by some standards, however, typically, either both players win or both lose.  
          Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and is, of course, played unknowingly but, quite importantly, with humility.  The ignorant player typically enters the game accepting his lack of knowledge or, upon playing, discovers that he is unknowing through a realization, a moment of enlightenment, an "Ah-ha!"  He is touched deeply by a newfound truth which will help to broaden and clarify his perspectives on himself and his world.  
          Indifference is a disregard for knowledge and is often played with unflinching resolve.  The indifferent player is unmoved by facts or truth, often considering them to be distractions from dogmatic aims.  He is uninterested in or even constitutionally opposed to change of mind or habit.

          Vision is a desire and commitment to seeing possibility and pursuing ideals and is played with reason, selflessness, hopefulness, and faith.  The visionary player passionately seeks to serve the highest good and elevate all circumstances and beings around him.
Ignorance vs. Vision:  
          When played between a layperson and a non-therapeutic chiropractor, the layperson may be ignorant - knowing nothing about non-therapeutic chiropractic upon entering the office but willing to learn - and the non-therapeutic chiropractor will be visionary.  The result is, both win; the chiropractor shares a new and exciting vision of what it could mean to live as free from the life-robbing impairment of vertebral subluxations and the layperson is transformed from ignorant to empowered by this new and exciting outlook.  
Indifference vs. Vision:  
          If the layperson is indifferent - illogically committed to an unscientific and unfounded therapeutic viewpoint or expectation of the chiropractic experience and unwilling to learn or change - the non-therapeutic chiropractor will still be visionary.  The result will be determined by the skill and commitment of each player; the layperson may triumph in his mind by using every method possible in standing firm but lose in his life by that same stand, whereas the chiropractor can still be a successful visionary by presenting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, no matter what, knowing that relenting or meeting them where they are would not serve to bring about a positive outcome or, in a longer sense, knowing that a seed has been planted in the layperson's mind that may someday flourish into a new way of thinking and acting.  
Vision vs. Vision:
          If the layperson and chiropractor are both visionary, there will be an instant recognition and registration of the wisdom of living subluxation-free and the layperson will also share that vision with others; both the layperson and the non-therapeutic chiropractor win - and so do all others who will ultimately hear their shared message!
          I, as a non-therapeutic objective straight chiropractor, chose to embrace that professional viewpoint because I am visionary.  Playing as a visionary is the only option I know and, thankfully, the best way to transform the ignorant, reach out to the indifferent and commune with the visionary.  It's the best way to make a positive difference! 
          It's a win-win strategy!  By telling others about chiropractic or directing them to me, you can play the role of a visionary as well.

~Jim Healey, DC

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