October 2013



Trick Or Treat?!

By the end of this month, most of the children of this country will be asking adults a very important question.


We will hear the question over and over and over again, and hopefully we will actually hear it and make a conscious decision to either live our lives in the way they were meant for us to live, or to continue the illusion that many have been living up until now.


How many times will you hear the question asked by the kids? How many times have you heard it in the past and not even realized it was not just a game but an actual query designed to help you decide the best course of action for you and your family so that you might continually move toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in life?


"OK, OK!" you say, "What is the question?" Are you ready? Here it comes. The question children will be asking all of us on Halloween night is ... "TRICK ... OR ... TREAT?!"


I know, I know, most of you probably think I have really lost it. But I decided a long time ago that I would look at every experience I have as an opportunity to learn and grow. That especially includes messages that come my way over and over again.


You see, most of the people in the world are "tricking" themselves every day of their lives. They have been raised to believe that their bodies are defective and weak - that they require outside interventions in the form of vaccines, drugs, medicines, surgeries and other remedies and procedures in order to "prevent" disease and feel good.


They are also tricking themselves into believing that "not being sick" is a really good goal. But which would you rather be - just not sick...or optimally expressing your health and your life?


The truth is that your body expresses an innate intelligence, defined as the principle of organization in all living organisms that results in the ability and striving of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. This intelligence always knows exactly what to do. As long as mental impulses can move freely over your nerves between your brain and your body, this intelligence can correctly comprehend and respond to most of the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses you encounter each day, within the limitations of the matter of your body.


If you have any interference in your nerve system, what we call a subluxation, your ability to express this inner intelligence and adapt to stress is compromised. The result is a downward spiral in your health and vitality that over time can make you into a real...well... MONSTER!


The chiropractic adjustmentrestores the flow of intelligent energy throughout your body allowing it to function as best as possible.


I have been told that it can be a very scary thing to always live in the dark - to be unaware that you have been tricked into believing something about yourself and your family that is totally false. I've always believed that the best antidote to fear is knowledge.


As you become more aware of this miracle you have inside of you, make sure you give yourself a treat on a weekly basis. Make sure you and your family get checked by your chiropractor to assure that the best part of you isn't hiding behind some mask - concealing the magic that has been placed inside of you.


This Halloween, make sure to listen carefully, and you will hear children speaking to you over, and over, and over again.


Only this year, you can really smile each time someone yells, "TRICK OR TREAT?!" Because you will know, this is the year you and your family choose to make every day a treat.

Life or Death Postulates
Man is either alive, or he's dead.
If he's alive, there's a reason.
If he's dead, there's a reason.
Man is either healthy, or he's sick.
If he's healthy, there's a reason.
If he's sick, there's a reason.
If he's healthy, there's a logical,
reasonable, and consistent explanation.
-B.J. Palmer, D.C. (Developer of Chiropractic)


The above statement is the essence of chiropractic philosophy. Chiropractic bases its practice on clear, logical reasoning. While there must be a reason, or perhaps many reasons for disease, it is more important to find the logical, reasonable and consistent reason for health.


Addressing health is far more important than addressing disease. If you get rid of a disease but do not restore health, a void remains. Into that void will come another disease or perhaps the same one will return. You must have health; it is prerequisite to getting well and to the prevention of disease.


The logical reason for a lack of health is that the body is not functioning as it should. In fact, that may very well be the true definition of health, a state in which each and every cell in the body is working as it should. If we follow the logic of this thinking, it would make sense to examine the body and determine if the body is working properly and if it is not, why it is not.


We in the chiropractic profession believe that we have found a cause. We admit that we have not looked further for other reasons why the body may work at less than perfect efficiency. There may be others; we just have not looked for them. The reason is that the cause we in chiropractic have found involves the nerve system, the master system of the body, which is concerned with the organization of every activity, the production of every chemical, and the running of every cell. Further, we have found that interference in this nervous system occurs in just about everybody and occur at the level of the vertebral column. This is enough to keep us busy.


What is the reason for sickness? That is the job of the medical doctor to determine that reason or reasons. It may be that one of the reasons for a disease, a major one, is a lack of health. The problem is that medicine is not looking for a lack of health, which is inside the person. They are looking for outside causes, bacteria, viruses, the environment, the weather, stress, as well as things you put into your body.


It may be that there is some importance to those things but a lack of health, a body not working properly, is present in every situation. The medical doctor does not look for that. He cannot be expected to. He was not trained to do that. That is the role of the chiropractor, to find that one cause, an interference in the nerve system at the vertebral level. In correcting those subluxations, the body will work better in all situations under all circumstances. That is a prerequisite to a healthy body.

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