September 2013


Innate Intelligence and the Chemistry of Life
By Joe Strauss
Some years back the slogan for a large company was “Better Living Through Chemistry.”  There is no doubt that chemistry has bettered our lives.  From the creation of plastics and synthetic fibers to the fertilizers that help grow our food, chemistry is a vital and daily part of the human experience. 

We know how important chemistry is to our environment and to factors outside our body, but many may not be aware of how important the production of chemicals and our internal body chemistry is.  The body is a chemical factory as well as a test tube for chemical reactions.  It produces chemicals to digest our food and to change it into flesh and blood.  Chemicals cause our muscles to contract and relax.  We need chemicals to think, to wake up in the morning, and to go to sleep at night.  Chemicals affect our emotions; they can make us laugh and cry.  Chemical are necessary for our reflexes to work, for eye and hand coordination.

Not only are chemicals necessary to our life, health and proper function but any imbalance in proper chemistry can greatly affect our ability to function in a healthy manner.  It takes relatively little alcohol to affect our reflexes, coordination and reaction time.  Actually, they are probably affected to some degree long before a person has reached the legal limit to drive a car.  Now that is a frightening thought.  While we have laws against affecting our body chemistry with alcohol, we seem to give no thought to the fact that people who have altered body chemistry due to prescription medications are driving cars.  Some cannot sleep at night if they have any caffeine after twelve noon.  Others need chemicals to enable them to sleep at night.  We take chemicals to give us more energy and to relax us.  We ingest chemicals to make us think better and other chemicals when we don’t want to think at all. 

As you sit and read this, there are literally thousands of chemical reactions taking place in your body, many of them science has yet to discover let alone understand.  With all these chemical reactions taking place at the same time, what keeps us from exploding, especially in light of the fact that we are constantly putting new and strange chemicals into our body, many which were never intended for the human body?  The air we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink are full of potentially harmful chemicals.  Many of them do eventually cause problems and surely contribute to certain diseases. 
But one must ask why it takes years for cancer to develop in a cigarette smoker or for the liver to become cirrhotic in a heavy drinker.  We continually see drugs taken off the market because they are found to eventually cause harmful side effects.  While that is necessary and important, no one seems to ask the question why people can take these prescriptions for months or even years with no apparent side effects. 

It seems the body has, within certain limits, the ability to neutralize, adapt or in some other way minimize the effects of chemicals totally foreign.  Of course, just because the body has this fantastic ability does not mean that we should challenge it by continually exposing our body to foreign chemicals.  The body does have limitations to its ability to adapt and it is foolish to challenge those limitations especially when they differ with every person and we have no idea where those limits are.  How many people who have consumed alcohol get into a car thinking that they are still within their body’s limits only to have a serious accident?
The most amazing thing about the production of chemicals for use in the body is the skill and the precision with which they are produced.  Your body produces just the right amount of the chemical hydrochloric (HCL) acid to begin to digest the food in your stomach.  Any less and you would have indigestion and too much, well, you can imagine what hydrochloric acid, which eats through metal, could do to the lining of your stomach!
Did you ever watch a small child making mud pies or remember back when you were a child?  You mixed dirt and water and usually you would end up with it too watery so you added more dirt.  Then it was too dry so you added more water.  Eventually, you got it right except that you had much more than enough mud for the pies you wanted to make.  Well, mud pies consist of only two substances: water and dirt.  How about dealing with a thousand different chemicals?  Now that is a balancing act! Imagine if we had to do that with our “mud pie” abilities?  Fortunately, we do not even have to think about the thousands of chemicals and chemical reactions taking place in our body.
No two people have the same body chemistry.  That is why prescriptions, as well as over the counter medicines, can have such varied reactions.  The same medication will help one person, do nothing for another, and cause a violent reaction, perhaps even death in another person. 
Why is our body chemistry different?  We all have basically the same needs in life.  Why would one person’s insulin not be right for another?  Transplant rejections have taught us that the human body will tend to react against the introduction of another person’s organ because of their chemical makeup.  This uniqueness of our body is really a safeguard mechanism to protect us from foreign organisms and substances.
While organizing and coordinating the tens of thousands of chemical activities in the human body would seem like an impossible task, we have been given a mechanism to accomplish it, an inborn mechanism.  An infant can produce the chemicals necessary to digest and assimilate mother’s milk and make it into living tissue.  It can then produce the chemicals to do the same thing when the child moves on to solid food.  We call this mechanism the innate intelligence of the body. Every infant is born with it. It’s really not a mechanism since it has no location.  It could not.  The innate intelligence uses tens of billions of cells in dozens of organs to accomplish its purpose of creating chemicals and balancing chemistry.  It must function everywhere and at the same time.  Sometimes we refer to it as “nature” or the “wisdom of the body” or the “law of life.”  There is really nothing like it in the physical world and no adequate way to describe it.  It is truly a miraculous phenomenon brought about by the Designer of life.  So we describe it as best as we can in terms we can try to understand.  It is a principle of life.  A corpse has the same chemicals, tissues and organs as a living person but the chemical reactions of life are not occurring.  This innate intelligence cannot be seen, felt or measured but we see its effect every moment.
It has been estimated that the human body, if broken down into its chemical components, would be worth only a few dollars.  Yet when those chemicals are combined to form insulin, adrenalin, or interferon their value increases tremendously.  The ability to make these substances and hundreds more out of a few dollars’ worth of chemicals is, as they say in the commercial, “priceless!” 
Being a complex chemical factory makes the human body amazingly special.  But being a self-directed chemical factory, one that is designed to work a lifetime without any help from the outside is an incomprehensible thought!  We admire the coordinated activities of the human body but our admiration should go to our Designer and the non-physical component which He put in place that organizes and coordinates all of these activities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and fifty-two weeks a year for a lifetime.

Allowing Health, Allowing Life
I sat down with a new practice member recently and this is how our conversation progressed. "What I am searching for is this. What do I have to do to get to the point of optimal health and once I'm there, how can I stay there?" The woman in front of me was in her early forties, and while she didn't appear to be in any physical distress, it was clear from the desperation in her voice that she was enduring some mental anguish.

She continued, "I have tried medications, herbal and vitamin supplements, biofeedback, yoga, Pilates, prayer, meditation and new thought healing, every nutrition program you can think of, colonics, visualization, acupuncture, and even hypnosis! All of these have helped me a little bit, but not one of them has helped me find exactly what I have been searching for." "And what is that?" I inquired.
"Health and happiness!" she said excitedly. "That's why I came here - because on your business card it says Helping to Optimize Your Health and Life!"
"Well" I said, "I think that two simple ideas may be all you require to be successful in your search. The first is that you need not actually search for health at all. The second is that there is no actual point to reach that we can call optimal health."
I would like to explain the two ideas I suggested to this lady in more detail for you. First, let's examine the idea that there is no actual state called optimal health. This is easily understood once we accept the idea that nothing ever stays the way it is - everything is always in process. In the grand scheme of things, each of us is either growing or dying. Actually, both of these processes (growing and dying) are always happening, but one will always predominate over the other and so our overall movement is in that direction.
There is an end to the process of dying - it's called death. But is there any limit to how fully you can express your life? The one thing to remember is that all processes take TIME, and we must ALLOW time for the process of progressively expressing higher levels of health and life to unfold.
Now let's look at the idea that we do not need to actually search for health. This is because health is our NATURAL STATE! In order to understand this, it is necessary to be aware of your innate intelligence. Your innate intelligence is continually helping to rebuild your body. It makes a new stomach lining every couple of days, a new liver every six weeks or so, and an entirely new skin every ninety days. In fact, just about every single atom of your body is systematically and progressively replaced every thirteen months.
Each cell in your body will be replaced with a new, fully functional cell as long as two things are present. First, you need a healthy lifestyle that supplies everything you need to build what your body's intelligence desires. Second, it is necessary to have a clear and balanced nerve system so that there is no interference between any of the cells and the intelligence that runs the body.
You see, you need not search for health at all. All that is necessary is for you to ALLOW your constructive, healing innate intelligence to better express itself more completely throughout your body by making sure there is no interference in your nerve system. A regular program of chiropractic check ups and adjustments ensures the continuous expression of innate intelligence in your body. This, combined with a healthy lifestyle, creates a continuous upward spiral in your health and vitality.
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