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When you talk to people about their experience with chiropractic some may say that it helped get rid of their allergies. Others may say it got rid of menstrual cramps. Still others may say it helped with their arthritis, ear infections, headaches, neck pain, etc. It might sound like chiropractic may be a cure all for just about anything.


But if we are being honest, chiropractic is not a treatment or cure for anything. The simple fact is that no chiropractor anywhere (or any other doctor) ever cured anybody of anything!


Curing or healing is the creation of living tissue to replace injured, dead, or sick cells. Only the body can heal itself because only the body can create living tissue. When cells malfunction and/or die prematurely due to injury or disease, the body must repair itself by creating new cells to take the place of the injured or sick ones. Only a living body has that ability. No doctor of any kind has ever been able to do that for you; therefore, no doctor ever healed or cured anyone of anything! LIFE heals and cures.


A body that is alive heals itself. A body that is functioning at 100% heals itself at 100%. A body that is functioning at less than 100% can never heal itself as well.


The job of the chiropractor is not to heal or cure anybody of anything. A chiropractor checks your spine to see if you have any vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxations are misaligned spinal bones that disrupt how the nerve system works, which results in your body not functioning properly. Subluxations occur regularly and in everyone and are often painless.


A chiropractor’s job is to correct vertebral subluxations so that the body’s nerve system is free of interference and thus the body is able to function in a more efficient manner. When this is accomplished, the body will have a greater capacity to heal itself, perhaps a capacity that it did not have before the administration of chiropractic care.  


Of what conditions can the body cure itself? The answer is anything and everything. It has been said that there is no disease known to man that the body cannot and has not cured. There is no such thing as an incurable disease. There are, however, incurable people.


There are people, many of who may eventually go to a chiropractor, who have passed the point in which their bodies are able to heal themselves. Every person, no matter what the disease or condition he or she may have, cannot go beyond his or her body’s ability to heal itself. If the condition has caused so much damage that the body is past the limitations of healing itself, repair will not occur. That is a limitation of matter.


The body is also limited by time. The creation of living tissue, whether in developing a fetus or in healing a diseased or damaged body, takes time and cannot be rushed. If a person has passed the limitations of time or matter, other options may be necessary to relieve suffering or keep him or her alive.


So what regular chiropractic care can do is improve the circumstances of the body so that it can function better. But besides that some of the most common benefits of regular care also include: more energy; improved physical performance; clearer thinking; a better ability to handle stress; improved sleep; better digestion; more balanced body chemistry; the ability to obtain greater value from exercise and proper nutrition; improved relationships; a potential increase in income earning capacity; better immune function; better health; etc. -- basically the ability to enjoy life more.


So if you are not functioning as well as you can be, or may not be getting the most out of life, or if you are just barely able to get through the day, you owe it to yourself to explore what chiropractic can do for you.


You have the ability to perform at a far greater level than anyone has ever allowed you to believe. Stop trying to just "get through" the day, and begin actually GIVING TO the day again. Chiropractic may be just the thing that can help you be your BEST, so you can give your BEST!

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