The Freezer:


     Imagine a freezer full of meat.


     Now imagine if the plug was accidentally pulled from the outlet. The freezer would now have no power and the meat would begin to defrost.          


     Just looking at the outside of the freezer, could you tell what was happening inside?          


      Assuming you do not check the freezer regularly, when would you become aware of the problem?  In a day? A week? When the stench of the spoiled meat got so bad that it would be noticed even through the seal of the freezer? Yuck!          


     Assuming you could check the power supply to the freezer regularly, when would you plug it back in?  After it been unplugged for an hour? A day? A week? Or when the meat rotted and the smell got bad?          


     A vertebral subluxation is a detriment to your nerve system. It disrupts its function, which in turn adversely affects every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.  Can you tell if you have one?  Not based on how you look, feel, or what symptoms you have or don't have.          


     How long do you want it there before you correct it? A week, a month, or when your body starts to rot?          


     Instead of becoming rotten meat, make sure you and your loved ones get checked regularly so you can be at your best. 

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