Old Age and the Weather:

Occasionally I'll have a practice member blame an ache or a pain on old age or the weather. Usually it may be a complaint like a certain joint in the body that may hurt.


My response is to ask how old the joint on the other side of the body is. If they are the same age, and usually they are, why is there no problem with the other side? Also, if age is the cause of this problem, why are there older people that don't have the same aches and pains?


Weather is another funny one. If bad weather was responsible for poor body function, why isn't everyone exposed to it affected the same way?


After a bit of a laugh he or she realizes that those things don't really adversely affect the way your body works except in extreme situations.


The way yourbody functions is affected by what you do for and to your body. Too much stress, improper use of your body (especially when subluxated), poor nutrition, etc., can adversely affect your life and that achy joint may be your "weakest link" or where your abnormal body function has chosen to manifest itself.


Proper exercise, nutrition, rest, attitude, and many more things can help improve your well being. Of course, making sure your nerve system is free from interference due to subluxations allows your body to work better and potentially helps to enhance all the good things you do for your body, while helping to minimize some of the harmful effects of those things that may damage your body. Regular spinal check-ups can help make sure you have to opportunity to function as close to your best, expressing your life at its fullest.

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