Open or Closed?:

This is the choice we have concerning the nerve channels created by our vertebrae (spinal bones).


Do we want them closed off (vertebral subluxation), causing an alteration of nerve function resulting in a dysfunction of all body functions, including a lessening in the body's innate ability to express its optimum life potential?


Or, do we want then open (in alignment/subluxation free) and moving correctly, so that we can better express our natural state of normal body function?


Is there ever a time in your life when it would be beneficial to be subluxated as opposed to being unsubluxated? As you think about it you'll quickly come to realize that there is no time in your life that would be good to be subluxated.


Those that are under regular care are expressing the benefits provided by chiropractic. For those of you that are not regular with your care, why are you settling for a lesser expression of life?

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