In the pursuit of truth, so much time and energy is spent on reducing and eliminating contradictions. Removing contradictions from my approach and practice of chiropractic has always been very important to me.


The philosopher/author Ayn Rand had stated that: "If a man desires and pursues contradictions--if he wants to have his cake and eat it, too-he disintegrates his consciousness; he turns his inner life into a civil war of blind forces engaged in dark, incoherent, pointless, meaningless conflicts (which, incidentally, is the inner state of most people today)." -- Basically, contradictions will lead to destruction.


I have always thought that it is incredibly vital in chiropractic, and in life, to have no contradictions. But a fellow chiropractor, and friend of mine, pointed out contradictions that I, and I hope you, can live with. (Thanks Gino C.)


Here are some examples:

Contradictions You May Find In Our Objective Straight Chiropractic Office:


-The talent and skill that goes into each adjustment is invaluable.
price is affordable.


-The training to be a proficient chiropractor takes years.
The service offered takes minutes.


-The focus is limited to correcting subluxations.
The effects are as vast as the nerve system itself.


-It only takes minutes to have your spine checked and adjusted.
The changes can last a lifetime.

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