A Chiropractic Experiment ...

       All you need is a rubber band.

       Make sure you have one before we begin.

       No really, go get one now.

       Place the rubber band snugly around the tip of your finger at about the level of your last knuckle.  It doesn't really hurt; after a short while you may not feel it at all. It may not be causing any obvious problem, except that it's cutting off the circulation to the end of your finger.

       Can you live with that?


       Sure, just not as well.

       Just being the tip of your finger, it probably will not drastically affect your daily performance levels.  However, eventually problems within the fingertip would occur.  The lack of blood will cause cell damage.  This could lead to gangrene. If ignored, this could lead to blood poisoning.  Blood poisoning can be fatal.

       You can massage the finger, take medicines, apply various therapies, use magnets, change your diet and improve your exercise routine, but only one thing is going to truly restore the circulation, removing the pressure caused by the rubber band.

       Now, here's the question...When do you want to remove the rubber band from your finger?  When you are at the point of death?  When they surgically remove the gangrenous finger?  When it becomes numb?

       How about right soon as you realize that it is not good for your body to be walking around with a rubber band wrapped tightly around your finger?

       Right away is also when you want to have your vertebral subluxations corrected!

       Vertebral subluxations are subtle misalignments of the bones of your back that put pressure and stress on the nerve system, disrupting and interfering with the proper nerve supply and impulses to various cells, organs and glands, disrupting your body chemistry and causing your body to function abnormally.  Vertebral subluxations have no symptoms.  Subluxations rob your body of its natural ability to adapt and function properly.  This is much more dangerous than the rubber band on the finger, yet many people live their life, functioning at less than their full potential, because of vertebral subluxations.

       The pressure from a subluxation can be removed by a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractors are the only professionals specially trained to locate and correct life-damaging subluxations.

       Since they happen regularly and in everyone from birth until death, we suggest that you make sure you get your spine and your family's spines checked for vertebral subluxations regularly! It will improve your body function, your performance, and your life!

       (P.S. If you haven't already done so, take the rubber band off your finger!)

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