Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

       Goldilocks was a little girl that had snuck into the bear's home (Pappa bear, Momma Bear, and Baby Bear) while they were gone. She ate their porridge, sat in their chairs, and eventually slept in their beds. While sampling the porridge, the chairs, and beds she made comments like too hot, too cold and just right and too hard, too soft, and just right.

       Of course this story reminded me of the human body's self-regulating capacity which is extraordinary at making sure everything is "just right." The body expresses an innate intelligence, which is described as the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever-changing environment. This intelligence is what animates, coordinates, adapts, heals, and grows us. It uses the nerve system as its primary tool to express this function.

       When the nerve system is interfered with, as when you have a vertebral subluxation, then things can no longer be "just right". The chiropractic approach is to restore proper function to the nerve system--the master system--helping to improve your chances that everything could be "just right."

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