Time and Money:


One of the most common objections we hear from people when it comes to their health, especially when they are not experiencing a health crisis, is that they have neither the time nor the money to do anything to develop their health.


What does this really mean?


It means that their attitude about health is one in which the crisis has value but being healthy does not. This is often both a lack of understanding and, especially when time and money are indeed at a premium, simply wrong thinking.


Einstein once said, “Intellectuals solve problems...geniuses prevent them.” All too often, however, most people wait until a problem not only develops but progresses to a point where the body begins to break down and symptoms develop, before they seek to “solve their problem.”


The approach I recommend is to be pro-active and take appropriate steps to develop health enhancing, lifestyle strategies.


So, the question then becomes, “what will really save both time and money?”


We have all seen the effects of waiting for a problem to happen...severe and extremely costly deterioration of health.


Do you think that it will take more or less time and money to grow one’s health or to attempt to repair it once it has been lost? The obvious answer is that growing one’s health takes far less time and far less money and has far better outcomes.


Now, what about your children? Are you waiting for a problem to develop before seeking help? Do you have the time or the money to deal with health problems in your family after they develop? Or does it simply make more sense...take less time...and cost less money to grow your child’s health so that they can be as healthy as possible now, and for the rest of their lives?


The Truth About Time

By far, time is the biggest excuse for people not coming in for regular care. For some the following figures may vary, but you'll get the point. Let's break it down:


     -In one year there are 8,760 hours.

     -Sleeping 8 hours/night eliminates 2,920 hours.

     -Working 8 hours/day for 50 weeks per year eliminates another 2,000 hours.

     -Spending 12 hours/week on chores and errands consumes 624 hours.

     -Religious/Spiritual services account for another 60 hours.

     -Moderate exercise 1hour/day, 3 days/week takes up 150 more hours.

     -Reading 1 hour/day, 5 days/week takes away 250 more hours.

     -Meal times will "eat up" approximately 400 more hours.

     -Spending 1 hour/day with your kids will eliminate another 365 hours.

     -When all is said AND done, you will still have...1991 EXTRA hours in your year!

     -That translates into 83 ENTIRE DAYS per year all for YOU!


Now, are you sure you just don't have the time?



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