Spine Transplant:

"What will you do when your spine wears out?" This is a common question asked by chiropractors for years.

We live in an age of new technological marvels, where liver, heart, and other organ transplants are becoming more and more common.

However, the one organ system that cannot be transplanted or removed is your central nerve system (brain and spinal cord). The complexity and detail of the nerve system is beyond our limited knowledge. We should be thankful that we have an innate intelligence that organizes and reorganizes our physiology to help us adapt and survive in an ever changing environment. The primary organ system that our innate intelligence uses is the nerve system, a focus of chiropractic.

It has been said that we live our lives through our nerve system and the quality and quantity of our lives is directly related to how well our nerve system works. Once you realize the importance of the nerve system you are more willing to better take care of it so that you can live your life at a more optimal level. This means coming in to the office to get your spine checked on a regular basis.

I will check your spine for vertebral subluxations, spinal misalignments causing nerve interference and dysfunction. When found I'll introduce a force where needed so that your body can make an adjustment. When an adjustment has been made you are now a fuller expression of LIFE potential.

It's as simple as that!

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