Light Bulb on the Forehead:

I'm often asked by my practice members what specifically caused them to become subluxated.

We’re exposed to hundreds if not thousands of stresses every day that could overcome the internal resistance of the body and contribute to subluxations.

If we all had a light bulb on our forehead that turned on when we were subluxated, we might know what stress (physical, chemical, emotional) was the final one -- the "last straw" -- that finally overcame our body’s resistance and caused the subluxation.  

We could then go to the chiropractor whenever our light bulbs were on.

Unfortunately, we do not have that light and we cannot know when we are subluxated, because most of the time there are no symptoms associated with a subluxation.

So rather than waiting for enough damage to accumulate in a way that produces some noticeable symptom or health problem, we determine that it is wise to have our spine checked for subluxations regularly by a chiropractor.

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