Cooties and Chiropractic:

This time of year many people will begin to express symptoms of an active immune system (just a fancy way of say "you get sick"). When 'sick,' some practice members purposely avoid the office so as not to get me or others 'sick.'

This is why I believe it is important that everyone understand the following:

1. The innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates the function of every organ, tissue, and cell, primarily through the nerve system.

2. The body can heal more effectively without interference in the nerve system.

3. Chiropractic is the only profession that concerns itself with removing interference to the expression of the innate intelligence over the nerve system at the vertebral level.

Just because you're sick doesn't make it OK to make bad decisions (not getting adjusted). I tell everyone that it might be a good idea to get your spine checked more frequently when sick. You may not always need to be adjusted, but why take the chance? That is what I do, and what I do for my family. Why would I want anything less for you? Healing becomes more effective and more efficient when you have normal alignment and function in your spine, allowing your innate intelligence to better express itself. So bring your fever, your snot, your viruses, and whatever else you may have. I can easily wipe down the table after you are gone to get rid of any leftover "cooties". We can even go over the biological terrain vs. the germ theory of disease if you like to give you some piece of mind.

--Thanks to Dr. Dave M. for the inspiration.

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