The Silent Killer?

Subluxations are silent. You do not feel nerve interference. Your body is not equipped with any mechanism for that. Just like you do not always feel cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other health problems developing inside of you.


When you have a subluxation, the result is that cells will malfunction and die. When enough cells die, tissues are effected. Now, when enough tissues have malfunctioned and die from this disruption to the flow of life messages caused by subluxation, the organs become affected. Until ultimately YOU and your body are moving more rapidly toward death than you otherwise would have or should have.


During all this you may or may not feel any symptoms. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to realize that you cannot gauge your health by your symptoms.


If you want optimum health and life potential, you need to have an objective way to measure certain aspects of your health. Getting your spine checked regularly will make sure you are subluxation free. That way, when you are feeling great you can also have the assurance of knowing that your body is free from nerve interference and functioning as best as possible.

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