Why No Medical Insurance Is

Accepted At This Office


I'm often questioned as to why I do not accept any health insurance, any other type of insurance, or any form of 3rd party pay at my office.


The reasons as to why I do not are:


1. The standard and quality of care I provide is the highest I can possibly give you. Insurance companies are not willing to recognize that, nor will they pay for this high quality and quantity of care.


2. Insurance companies would require me to do procedures and tests that are not necessary for you to receive care at this office, wasting both your time and your money. My promise to you is that I will only do what is needed for you to receive care and refer you out to other doctors if you need anything more.


3. To accept insurance I would be required to compromise and limit my ability to provide the best care possible for you. I would be forced, in essence, to provide you with incompetent care. That is something I am not willing to do.


4. It has been shown that people who pay for their care on their own receive much better benefits from chiropractic care. I want you to benefit as much as possible from the care I provide for you.


5. Many people are losing insurance coverage and/or their deductible and co-pays are too high to realistically serve them as they need. Since it is illegal to charge an insurance fee and have a lower cash fee, I would be forced to charge everyone the insurance fee and those that didn't have insurance would not afford care. I am unwilling to exclude anyone from the care they need.


6. Most insurance does not cover chiropractic care for children. Again, I am not willing to exclude the segment of the population that chiropractic care can benefit and impact the most. It is, and always will be, easier and less expensive to grow healthy children than to repair damaged adults.


7. Insurance was designed for quick, short-term symptom and disease care and treatment. Chiropractic's objective, as practice in this office, is about helping to enhance all aspects of your life throughout your whole life. Philosophically and clinically those two objectives are incompatible and it becomes a contradiction to try and change one objective to fit the other. And as we all know, contradictions can only lead to disaster.


For those reasons and more, I have chosen to not participate with any insurance.


The great news is that by not having to deal with insurance companies, office costs are kept down, so I can offer everyone chiropractic care at fees that ALL people can afford.


The Honor Fee System is utilized in this office so everyone can afford the care they need. This unique and innovative fee system allows you to set your fee for care. It helps to remove the obstacle of finances in the doctor-patient relationship and allows me to focus on the "service" aspect of care. Basically, this fee system also allows me to focus on what is most important - YOU!

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