The Slight Edge:

     Which would you take: "a million" dollars right now? Or a penny doubled each day for a month?

     The wisest choice is the doubling penny!  After 30 days it would be worth more than ten million dollars ($10, 737,418.24 to be exact)!  That's the power of a compounding action.

       That's the basic idea behind the Slight Edge philosophy - Small positive steps taken consistently will add up to huge differences over time.  Everything you need to transform your life is easy to do.  It's easy to become healthy, fit, vibrant, and function better -- just make the right choices and take a few simple, positive actions consistently day after day.

       But here's the problem.  Most people aren't as healthy, functioning well, or as successful as they could be.  The reason is because every action that is easy to do is also just as easy, or easier, not to do.  Why?  Because not doing them won't make a big, obvious difference right away, or won't "kill you," at least not today!  But over time … ? Your choices, positive or negative, will add up, and they will make a difference in your life!

       Can you see what this means in improving body function and Life through chiropractic care?

       Chiropractic care gives you a constantly compounding edge over everybody who isn't receiving care.  And imagine the difference over time between getting an adjustment once in a while and getting an adjustment regularly when needed!  The compounding difference is enormous!

       The clock is ticking.  Everyday that you fail to do the right things to make your life better is costing you dearly.  Is the Slight Edge of small compounding actions working for you or against you right now?  The most important thing to know about getting the wonderful, ever-compounding benefits of the “Chiropractic” Edge is this: It's never too late to start, but it's always too late to wait.


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