Superbowl, Power Outages, and Subluxations:

In Superbowl XLVII, the lights in the Superdome shut down for about 35 minutes delaying the game and causing all types of chaos.


A power outage leads to lack of function.  You restore the power by reconnecting with the power source.


In you, a power outage is called a subluxation.  A subluxation occurs whenever your spine loses its normal alignment and function, which results in a partial LOSS of CONNECTION  between your brain and your body.  This LOSS of CONNECTION results in a decrease in the expression of your innate intelligence leading to chaos and a lack of normal body function.


The chiropractic adjustment restores normal alignment and function in the spine which reestablishes the neurological CONNECTION between the brain and body.  This normalizes the expression of your innate intelligence which increases the ability to purposefully organize your body to better adapt to the stresses of your environment.


Over time, this allows you to gradually return to harmony, health, and gets you back to full power so you can resume full function.

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