What Runs The Body?


What runs the body?
a) the lungs
b) the innate intelligence of the body
c) the heart
d) the central nerve system (brain & spinal cord)


The correct answer is b) the innate intelligence of the body.


All the parts of the body are important. The central nerve system is probably the most important and may appear to be the focus of chiropractic.


However, even a corpse has a brain and spinal cord. What is missing is the expression of innate intelligence.


As you know, innate intelligence is described as the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an ever changing environment. It is expressed in all parts of the body, but uses the central nerve system as its primary tool to communicate to the rest of the body. For this reason we try to make sure the nerve system is free from interference. Regular chiropractic check ups and adjustments will make sure the nervous system is clear and innate intelligence is being expresses as best as possible.

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