Touching A Hot Stove:

If you placed your hand on the burner of a hot stove, what’s the first thing you must do to start the healing process?

Get your hand off the stove!

Sounds simple, but it’s true. While your hand is on the stove you can take drugs to kill the pain.  You can even eat, exercise, and rest better.  But until the hand is taken off the stove, those things may not have any benefit.  In fact some might even be downright be foolish.  You and/or other people can determine what would be right for you.  But understand that your hand WON’T begin to heal until it is taken off the offending irritation of the intense heat.   

Once your hand is taken off the stove do you expect your hand to look or feel normal right away?  No!  It’s going to take time to repair and heal all that damage.  The same principle applies to your chiropractic care.

A subluxation acts like the burner of the hot stove, causing damage, inflammation, and sometimes even pain due to nerve interference.  Healing can occur only when the offending nerve interference is removed with regular chiropractic adjustments.  But that won’t necessarily bring instant relief.  Removing the nerve interference is simply the first step in a timely process.

So if you don’t feel great immediately after your adjustment, don’t be discouraged.  With time, damaged tissues will have the better potential to heal and your body will function better.  For now, be confident the healing process has at least started because the “hand has been taken off the stove”.

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