The Scale


Think of one of those two sided scales, similar to the scales of justice.


Your everyday stresses that cause you to become subluxated and unhealthy are on one side of the scale. Getting adjusted and all the other things you do to improve your health and life are on the other side.


Which side is overloaded?


When you first begin care you need to be adjusted more frequently to change the memory of the abnormal vertebral subluxation patterns. Since you've been adding stress to the one side of the scale daily since birth, I have to try to overload the correction side.


When your spine becomes healthier it is better able to adapt and handle many of these stresses which is why frequency of care is then reduced.


Just keep in mind that because the stress side of the scale will never be empty, neither should the side that requires you to get adjusted regularly. And you know, that the more stress (emotional, chemical, and physical) you are under, the more care you will need.

Let's also not forget to introduce and share chiropractic with everyone we know so that we can help balance their scale, or even tip it to the healthy side.

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