1 oz. > 1lb.

No, this is not "new math". While math was one of my better subjects in school, there is an instance where this equation is true.

There is an English saying that says that "one ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure." I believe Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as the source of this saying.

The concept of doing something to help prevent problems is not new to us. Hopefully, you maintain your car regularly and do not wait for the engine to fail and have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix it. You should be brushing your teeth regularly to aid in helping to prevent tooth decay and so that you can have healthy teeth and gums. Then there's exercise, eating healthy food, getting proper rest, etc. Some people do these things with the goal of preventing things, while others do them so that they can benefit from what those things do for them.


This brings us to regular chiropractic care. A properly functioning nerve system, free from vertebral subluxations, provides you with a greater potential to allow your body to work better. This may potentially have a role in helping to prevent problems (nobody can predict or guarantee that), but more importantly, it allows you a better opportunity to be the best YOU that you can be. That is way more powerful!

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