Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Life:

"Why is it that if a man violates man's laws, we send him to prison and point the finger of scorn at him but, if he violates nature's laws, we take him to the hospital, take pity on him, and send him flowers?"


The laws of the universe are immutable and unswerving. You cannot violate them without consequences. You must live within them.


Let's take the law of gravity, for example. Regardless of whether you are a good person or a bad person, healthy or sick, young or old, were aware of the law of gravity or not, you cannot jump off a ten story building without causing damage to your body and most likely dying when you hit the ground.

However, you can use the law of gravity along with other laws/concepts in physics to create things like planes, rocket ships, and other means of transportation.


Innate intelligence/Innate Law of Living Things (the principle of organization that results in the ability of a living organism to organize and reorganize its physiology in order to adapt and survive in an everchanging environment), which some call a “law of life”, and its expression in the body is also immutable. A subluxation will decrease the expression of the forces generated by innate intelligence and negative consequences to body function will follow.


Regular chiropractic care attempts to enable the individual to best live within the universal laws, allowing you a better chance to achieve optimum potential in your life.

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