The Weakest Link:

No, not the game show.


A weak link is the area where stress usually causes a breakdown.


Many practice members have noticed that some areas of their spine seem to need to be adjusted more frequently than other areas.  Different lifestyles and different stresses (emotional, chemical, and physical) vary from person to person, yet there are some areas of the spine that seem to subluxate more than others.


In my experience, the most commonly subluxated areas of the spine are at the extreme ends -- upper neck (C1, C2) and lower back/pelvis (L5 and Sacrum). I have some opinions as to why that I'd like to share with you.


EVERY newborn I have checked has been subluxated in the upper neck area, probably due to the modern-day birth process.  It seems like you cannot avoid this in this country.  So, that area of the spine is affected first.  A few months down the road, as children learn to sit, stand, and walk, the will fall on their rear end a couple thousand times affecting their low back and pelvis.  If the child is not under regular chiropractic care these physical stresses may begin the process of vertebral subluxations that seem chronic and long-standing in many adults.  Since many people begin care decades later ... well, as you can imagine, some of those problems may take longer for the body to repair.


Incidentally, in most of the children that I have adjusted regularly since birth, I have noticed an almost constant changing patterns of subluxations, which I'm told is a good sign of a more adaptable nerve system. 


Making sure a child is adjusted regularly will help keep their spine healthier and more stable, and they get to experience growing up as close to their optimum potential as possible, making them better adults and future leaders and members of our society.  They will be the strong links in our world.  

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