Developing A Greater Sense of Urgency:


Most of you, if you saw a young child, say a 3-year old, wander into the road and you saw a car coming that would put that child's life in danger; you would risk your own life and well-being and jump out into the road in an effort to save the child.


     Why?  Because you value human life and you perceived that the child's life was in danger.  In fact, any hypothetical that was perceived to have a life in danger would likely produce the same response from you.  Let's face it; it is the right thing to do.


     So, what's the point?  The point is that the only difference between this hypothetical situation and what goes on in your life day in and day out is your perception of the urgency…not the urgency itself.


     Chiropractors save lives for a living.  I know it might not be as dramatic as the emergency room docs you see on TV, but that is just your perception.  You see, a vertebral subluxation interferes with the life messages carried over the nerves to all the cells of the body.  When this occurs, cells begin to malfunction and die. When enough cells are affected, tissues (groups of cells) begin to malfunction and die.  When enough tissues are affected, organs begin to malfunction, etc.  Ultimately the person is moving more rapidly toward death than he or she otherwise would have or should have.


     For this reason, you often hear me say that chiropractic is about much more than your back or even your health … IT'S ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!


     Are you leaving family members at home, while you come for care?  How about friends, or people you just work with?  How do you know how imminent the danger is in either the hypothetical or in the on-going flow of people you love, work with, or see every day?  You don't! So, why not tell everyone about the benefits of having vertebral subluxations corrected as if their lives depended on your next action?  It just might.  In fact, it probably does.


     If you need help, let me know and I’ll do what I can to empower you to help get the message out there.  Why not develop a heightened sense of urgency for the people you love? What if they did too?

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