Knowing the Body's Needs:


"I'll give you a call when I need you."

I couldn't help but cringe when I used to hear a practice member say that.  Thankfully, I do not hear that statement much anymore.  That's is such a potentially dangerous statement and one I never liked to hear for a few reasons.  However, it did always gave me the opportunity to educate my practice members just a bit more.

Let me tell you why that statement bothers me by asking you a question.  I'd like you to cast your thoughts down to one cell in your liver, any one will do.  What are its needs at this moment?  Of course you don't and can't know.  Don't feel bad, even the best liver specialist doesn't know either.

It has been estimated that we have around 37.2 trillion cells in the body.  (  Haven't checked to see how accurate this is, but let's just say there are many.  Each cell doing countless different things every second.  Despite that huge number of possibilities, it has been estimated that we are only aware and only know about 4-10% of our body's needs.  The other 90-96% is beyond our ability to know.  (Again, not sure of the accuracy of this number.)

Now there are some "lucky" people who at times may experience pain or discomfort when they have a subluxation that may motivate them to come to the office to get their spine checked.  But the truth is that most of the time your spine may be subluxated and you may have no obvious symptoms associated with that subluxation.  You could be walking around with those subluxations causing you damage, adversely affecting your health, body function, and life and not be aware of it.  There may also be times when you have symptoms or other challenges, but your body may not need to be adjusted.

The only way to "know" if you "need" care is to have your spine checked regularly regardless of how you "feel".  If you need an adjustment you'll get one, if not, you won't.

Either way, at least then you'll know what you need.

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