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A few weeks ago I received an email from a fellow chiropractor.  I'd like to share some of it with you. The quotes from the newsletter will be between [ and ]:

[The age of physical strength is over. Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" is history. Unless you are a soldier or living in the wilderness, rarely does one have to run from a tiger or fight hand-to-hand combat anymore. Survival today depends much less on our physical ability to conquer someone and relies much more on our ability to transform and manage stress. Consider that more than half of all deaths between the ages of one and 65 result from stressful lifestyles (Center for Disease Control).]

Isn't that true in America? Transform and manage stress? How do we do that? One way -- is to get your spine checked for vertebral subluxations regularly.

[In our energy-strapped, technology-driven, time- constrained society, the new law of the land is Survival of the Calmest. I call it "Conscious Darwinism." Instead of evolving physically to meet the attacks of predators, we must evolve consciously to meet the challenges of a radically changing society. After all, it's not the tigers and wild animals but our own fearful, stressful and negative thoughts that cause us harm. Instead of fighting other tribes, now we must fight the lines at Starbucks and battle traffic during our daily commutes. Everywhere you turn people are stressed out.]

Haven't I discussed over and over that emotional stress causes vertebral subluxations, and are probably the leading cause of subluxations? We are all very busy. We work hard in this country and we enjoy a high standard of living. But emotional stresses of the day take their toll on us. For the impact of stress on disease, check out the next paragraph.

[Conscious Darwinism is not such a radical thought when you realize that over 90% of doctor visits are due to stress related causes. In various studies stress is directly linked to heart problems, sleep issues, poor job performance, depression, physical ailments, and every negative aspect of our health and wellness. Stress weakens the immune system and accelerates the aging process.]

[Think of stress like a dam or wall that blocks a flowing river, causing stagnant water and the build up of toxins, bacteria, pesticides and other harmful influences. In our flowing, energetic bodies, stress creates an energy blockage that stops the healthy flow of our energetic system. Since energy creates matter, energy blockages create physical blocks. It's no surprise then that stress has been linked to hardening of the arteries and less blood flow to the heart. Our energetic reality determines our physical realty. When our energy is stagnant we are more prone to toxins and illnesses.]

Remember, life flows over the nerve system. We call them life messages. The stresses of life (emotional, chemical, and physical) cause subluxations which interfere with these messages.

[Another way to think of stress is to realize that our bodies require communication at the energetic level between cells via electromagnetic signals or frequencies to maintain harmony, balance and health. Each cell needs to know what all the others are doing in order for us to not fall apart (our inner intelligence is simply fascinating). Unfortunately stress affects this inner intelligence and harmony. Stress is like a radio signal jammer that affects our cells ability to communicate with each other. This leads to more disharmony inside the body and more dis-ease.]

Wow, this is chiropractic philosophy from a non-chiropractor!! In chiropractic, we talk about the innate intelligence of the body. This intelligence is simply a principle of organization that uses your nerve system to run and control the body. A vertebral subluxation interferes with the expression of the innate intelligence which affects our cells ability to communicate with each other leading to more disharmony inside the body.

Its good to see that other people besides chiropractors are understanding some of the basic concepts of chiropractic philosophy, even though they may not be aware of it.

A Big Thank You to Scott T. for sharing this info. with me.

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