Some Of The Most Dangerous Thoughts About Your Health

1.  Maybe It Will Go Away.  Yes, your health definitely will go away if you ignore it and don’t take responsibility for it.  Pain and symptoms are your body’s warning signals that it’s dealing with something which may require extra attention.  Rather than ignoring symptoms or covering them up with drugs, we need to examine what they’re telling us and make appropriate changes.


2.  It Just Comes and Goes. Your body is a wonderfully creative and adaptive mechanism.  Overstress it or damage it and it will do all it can to repair the damage and learn to function with less than optimum conditions.  Yet, the underlying problem is almost always still present during the time between episodes.


3.  It’s Not That Bad. Compared to what?  Should you wait to take care of your health until it gets “that bad”?  Yes, you may be able to live with pain or less than optimum health in your body, but do you really want to?


4.  It Only Hurts When I...  A cavity may only hurt when you eat or drink something cold.  Does that mean that you should avoid all cold things and not get the tooth repaired?  This attitude will eventually restrict your life more and more as the number of activities on the “It Only Hurts When I…” list gets longer and longer.


5.  I Know Where My Problem Is, It’s...  Where we experience discomfort in our bodies may be different from where the actual problem is.  Alternatively, many people will blame their problem on something outside of themselves, their job, their mattress, some activity they do.  These may aggravate an underlying problem, but if you discontinue the activity, the core problem is still there.


6.  I Was Told I Have To Live With It.  “Living With” less than optimal health is often not necessary.  When you do things to promote more health in the body many times problems improve.  From a chiropractic standpoint, when you remove the subluxations you remove the interference to the innate potential of the body expressing itself.  Then, the wisdom of the body is released and wonderful and often unexpected things can happen!!!


7.  My Doctor Couldn’t Find Anything Wrong.  Chiropractic looks at the body in a totally different way than the medical profession.  If subluxation is present, there is something wrong which is interfering with your ability to function and be your best.


8.  I Don’t Want To Know.   What you don’t know can hurt you.  An ostrich approach to our health can lead to only one possible result - loss of health.  Knowledge is potential power.  By understanding how your body works, how it can become damaged and what you can do to regain and maintain your health, you have more power over your health.  When we let our fears rule our actions, we can actually invite problems, either by letting a problem develop until it’s too late to do anything about it or by exaggerating the problem in our mind and living with the internal stress.


9.  There’s Nothing Wrong With Me.  Over 60% of the time, the first symptom of heart disease is a heart attack.  Cancer has to be present and growing for years in many cases before it causes a symptom.  Waiting until symptoms occur to begin to take care of ourselves is just plain dangerous.  Especially since most experts state that we’re only aware of about 4% of what’s happening in our body.  As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This also applies once we feel better.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re “better” once symptoms are gone or if you don’t have any symptoms.  Remember that most subluxations do not cause any obvious symptoms, but the damage they do to the nerve system, your health, and your life occur nonetheless.   


It goes without saying that being checked regularly by your chiropractor can help keep you and those you care about functioning and feeling as great as possible.

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