A Glass of Water on a Forest Fire:

A practice member questioned the number of times they needed to “get adjusted” for their chronic health problem. They wanted to show up once a month for a quick “tune up” when they really needed 2-3 sessions a week. I told them “It’s like trying to put out a forest fire with a glass of water… your intention is right, but the volume is lacking.”


Chiropractic works when the dosage is right and some problems simply need a larger dousing!


People want to do the minimum work needed to get the maximum results. It's human nature.  Quick fix solutions, drive through windows and get rich quick schemes all appeal to that reptilian part of our brains that want results right now. Traditional medical care plays into that appeal by promising the ‘quickest results or the fastest relief’ with their drugs and surgery. But temporarily covering up symptoms or doing away with offending body parts is not an organic solution.


It’s true, sometimes it may take more time and effort to get the results you’re looking for with chiropractic care.  Many times we have to overcome years or decades of spinal neglect.  But nothing worthwhile happens over night. Just like proper nutrition and exercising, if you stick with the recommended plan and have faith that the process works… you’ll have a healthier spine, nerve system, and a better life.

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