Playing Not to Lose vs. Playing to Win
       Can you understand and feel the difference in thinking and attitude between the two?

       Do you think that most champions, whether in sports or other areas of life, are playing to win or playing not to lose?  If you were in the Super Bowl would you want to be playing on the team that's playing not to lose or the team that's playing to win?

       When it comes to monetary wealth, most people just want to "get by" instead of wanting to be financially successful.  When it comes to intelligence most people settle for passing grades instead of being geniuses.

       The sad fact is that when it comes to health and life most people are playing not to lose by hoping that they won’t get sick and doing things to help them not get sick.  Yet, even with the best intentions you will get what you focus on.  If your goal is to avoid disease, your focus is on disease.  So, guess what you'll probably get?

       Some poor souls aren't even playing.  They have basically given up and are trying to find ways to deal with their lack of health or "learning to live with it." Not a way to live.

       I guess most people see that playing to win may require more effort or even “cost” more money.  However, the results and the benefits far outweigh the effort.  Also, an investment in health is always less expensive than paying for the cost of disease treatment you will develop if you choose not to invest in health.

       Everyone's goal should be vibrant health and a harmonious life.  If that is your focus, guess what you'll probably get?  Those that are doing what is necessary are experiencing it and winning the game.

       Please stop playing not to lose with your health and start playing to win.  Make sure to get your spine checked on a regular basis and tell others to do the same.

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