A Dime Or A Fly:

Research has shown that the weight of a dime or a fly (which isn't very much) can significantly alter the function of nerves. The amount of weight is similar to the amount of pressure on the nerves in the presence of vertebral subluxation.

Nerves, we know, connect your brain to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It's likely that this type of change would go unnoticed by you and consequently seem insignificant.

Just because you can get by (for a while) by functioning on a lower level, does not mean you want to. You might be able to get by on 80% or less of your paycheck too but would that be OK with you? Probably not! You want 100% of what you've got coming to you and of what life has to offer.

Be sure to get your spine checked regularly to get as much as life has to offer you.

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