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The focus of this office is to provide chiropractic care to help you optimize your body function and performance so that you can live your life to its greatest potential. Chiropractic care is vitally important at EVERY stage of life.

This is accomplished by placing you and your family’s well being front and center in our approach. Our goal is to be:

  • Informative
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Friendly

The first thing you may notice is that my office greatly differs from other doctors' (even other Chiropractor’s) offices you have visited in the past. These differences are not accidental. I work hard at making you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive and long after you have left. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Children are always welcome (since a good portion of the practice is below age 18 it is common to have kids around).
  • Although specific, scientific, Chiropractic care is the focus of the office, the atmosphere is often casual (I have found this style helps many of our members, especially the children, relax and feel comfortable during visits).


For Your First Visit:

If you're a first-time visitor at Alpha Chiropractic, you'll need to call the office and set up a time to come in. Once you are here you can expect:

  • A bit of paperwork ... We will ask you to fill out forms that provide general information about you and our terms of acceptance. We can have those forms emailed to you to save you some time.
  • Consultation ... Dr. Tsamoutalidis will meet with you for a consultation where he will explain in depth the purpose and approach to today’s visit. You will also learn about chiropractic and how it is practiced in this office.
  • Spinal analysis ... Your spine will be assessed to see if you have vertebral subluxations.
  • First adjustment ... Practice members will generally undergo their first adjustment on their first visit after the spinal analysis has been completed. 
  • Information ... You will leave with information about chiropractic and the office.


Subsequent Visits:
The office is built around the concept that the integrity and maintenance of the nerve system is the single most crucial and often overlooked aspect of a person’s ability to thrive. Subluxations can occur at any age and time of life, and Chiropractors are the only profession trained to detect and correct these subluxations.  

We also believe that Chiropractic should be accessible, affordable, and sustainable so that an individual or even an entire family can be checked for subluxations on a regular basis if they so choose. This is why the office uses an Honor Fee System. 

Regular adjustments are essential to the process. For that reason:

  • Visits are brief but focused encounters
  • Wait time is minimal
  • Appointments are not necessary (after your first visit). The office offers open adjusting hours.  Pop in when it is most convenient for you.

Your family is treated like our family.

Alpha Chiropractic

3007 Avon Road

Bethlehem, PA 18017

(610) 861-4777


Office Hours:

Mon 10:00 - 2:00 &

         4:00 -7:00PM

Tue 3:00 - 7:00

Wed 9:00 - 12:30

         & 4:00 - 7:00

Thu 3:00 - 7:00

Fri 10:00 - 7:00

Sat 10:00 - 12:00



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