How Long Are You Planning On Being Around?:
One of the fastest growing segments of the US population is centenarians (people living to 100 and older). They come from all types of different ethnic backgrounds, have all different types of genetics, and vary in the way they took care of themselves. The only thing they all had in common that allowed them to live that long was that they didn't die.
They did greatly vary in the quality of life they had. Of course you can assume that those that took care of themselves lived better than those that didn't. I don't know about you, but living to 100 and having 35-40 of those years stuck in a wheel chair staring out the window doped up so you can't feel anything is not my idea of a life.
I hope this gets you to thinking about the choices you make in life. Will you be able to support yourself financially if you retire at 65 and live another 35 years? Maybe its time to rethink what you do for a living so that it may be something you can still do while you're over 65?
Will the decisions and choices you make now about your health allow you to be healthy and active or will you be the zombie in the wheel chair? As you think about all these things and more, know that making sure you have normal alignment and function in the your spine, to properly maintain a clear neurological CONNECTION between the brain & body, which allows the fullest expression of innate intelligence possible, will increase the ability to purposefully organize your body and to better adapt to the stresses of your environment.
That is a BIG thing.
Never underestimate how powerful the choice to be under regular chiropractic care is for yourself and your family. 

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