Dropped Calls


If you bought a new iPhone, you may be one of thousands of frustrated users who discovered their brand new smart phone drops calls if held the wrong way. That can be real annoying. But are you aware of the more serious dropped calls occurring in your body right now because your spine is "holding your nerves the wrong way?


Imagine if your brain was in the middle of telling your heart to ‘keep beating…’ and your nerves dropped the call.  Or your immune cells were desperately calling in a request for a higher fever to fight an infection ... and your nerves dropped that call too. The negative effects on your life and health could be devestating.  When spinal bones misaling, they literally 'hold the spinal cord' in a manner that interrupts communication between your brain and your body.  chiropractors call these 'dropped calls' subluxations.


A few ‘dropped’ nerve calls (Subluxations), most of which aren't noticed right away, can result in abnormal body function.  Not something you want occurring over a long period of time.   


That's why it's so important to keep regular with your chiropractic care so the communication between your brain and body is at full strength all the time. Remember, if your new iPhone drops a call, it's just an inconvenience. When your nerve system does it, it is never a good thing.

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