What Scurvy and Chiropractic Have in Common


When long sea voyages became common, the disease of scurvy became rampant among sailors. Little was known about what caused scurvy and less about its cure.


In 1553, Admiral Sir Richard Hawkins noted that during his career on the high seas, 10,000 seamen under his command died of scurvy. He also recorded that in his experience sour oranges and lemons had been most effective in curing the disease. The observations of this admiral went unheeded by those in authority.


In 1753 (200 years later), James Lind, a British naval surgeon, published a book in which he stated explicitly that scurvy could be eliminated simply by supplying sailors with lemon juice. He cited many case histories from his experience as a naval surgeon at sea. In fact, he stated that anything that contains enough vitamin C would prevent scurvy.


You might rightfully expect that Dr. Lind would have been highly honored and praised for this great contribution, but the reverse is true. He was ridiculed. The Lords of the Admiralty and physicians ignored his evidence. Not until 1794, the year of Dr. Lind´s death, was a British Navy squadron supplied with lemon juice before a voyage. On that voyage, which lasted 23 weeks (nearly half a year), there was not one case of scurvy.


Yet, unbelievably, another 10 years passed (250 years later) before regulations were enacted requiring sailors to drink a daily ration of lemon juice to prevent scurvy. With this enactment, scurvy disappeared from the British Navy. This needless loss of life over 250 years was simply because those in "authority" were resistant to change.


Chiropractic care has only been in existence since 1895. In the past it had been ridiculed, labeled an unscientific cult, and it's practitioners had endured much hardship. Many of the Chiropractic forefathers were jailed for their beliefs.


Despite all the negativity sent our way by so called "authority", more and more people are under care and experiencing all the awesome benefits. When people are checked and adjusted on a regular basis, it is getting impossible to deny how much their lives have improved. Unfortunately, we are not making as big of an impact as we could. How many more needless deaths, suffering, and wasted potential has to exist before our contribution to society will be acknowledged and embraced? Chiropractors could be helping even more people if more people knew what we do and the benefits of regular care.


Please do your part to share chiropractic with others. Ask me for help, if you need it. Let's work on making this community (and the world) as healthy as possible.

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