The Orchestra:

       Most people who have never played in an orchestra may not have an in-depth understanding of the nuances involved in creating harmony in a musical performance.
       First all of the instruments must be in tune and tuned to one another.
       Second, all the players must execute the right notes at the right time.
       To further create the beautiful music, the musicians must know when to play loudly or softly, how fast and how slow, and finally, they must know when to stop playing or rest.
       All bands and orchestras follow the lead and cues of a conductor. The conductor holds the "score" or master sheet of music that contains all of the various instruments' parts. All the musicians must pay strict attention to and follow the direction of the conductor.
       The human body functions a lot like an orchestra. The various parts of the body are like each of the players, the nerve system is like the conductor, and the innate intelligence of the body is like the score or master sheet of music/information. The innate intelligence uses the nerve system to tell our body parts how to work in harmony with one another. It tells parts when and how to work and more importantly when to slow down or stop working for a while in order to keep balance.
       The intricate workings of the human body are truly amazing. Our normal body function and well-being depend upon all of our body parts working in a state of balance or harmony. This balance can only be maintained when our innate intelligence can do its job properly - that is without interference.
       Vertebral subluxations interfere with "our conductor" by not allowing adequate expression of the forces generated by our innate intelligence that are carried throughout the nerve system.  This is basically a disconnection between the brain and the body.  This improper communication between our innate intelligence and our body leads to disharmony within us.
       Keeping your spine checked regularly and adjusted when needed helps to make sure you are free of the harmful effects of vertebral subluxation and that your brain-body connection is as close to 100% as possible.  Keep your body in harmony and you will be making beautiful "music" for years to come.

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