Luca Brasi and a Subluxation:
So over the weekend I had a rare opportunity to channel surf and came upon the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie, "The Godfather" already in progress.  So of course, I decided to watch it for probably the gazillionth time. 


About 30 minutes into watching it I came to the scene where Luca Brasi is killed.  And, I thought of chiropractic and a subluxation.  No I haven't gone crazy (or should I say crazier than I already am).


Check it out and see what I mean.  The actual death begins to take place almost 1:30.  It may be graphic for some of you, so view it at your discretion.

So now, think about it.  In the scene his left hand was stabbed so that it stuck to the bar.  Then he was garotted (killed by strangulation with some type of wire/rope).  If you can imagine his left hand/arm as being a spinal nerve and his neck as being the spinal cord, you now see a subluxation.

And while Luca Brasi's death was rather quick in the movie, when you are subluxated you and your body are moving more rapidly toward death than you otherwise would have or should have.  It may take years or decades, but your potential in life is slowly decreased the longer you are subluxated.


How important would it have been to Luca to have the knife and the garotte removed? 

How important is it to you to have subluxations adjusted when they are present?


Maybe having watched that graphic scene will give you a bit more urgency when it comes to getting your spine checked.  After all, you don't want to be "sleeping with the fishes" anytime soon.

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