Let's start at the end of this list, with the cell. Remember, your cells are the smallest building blocks of your body. The first result of a subluxation, and this is basic biology 101, is that individual cells will begin to break down until eventually they'll become "sick" and die.


After enough cells have weakened and/or died, your body tissues are affected. Tissues are very large groups of similar cells, you know like liver tissue, heart tissue, etc.


Now, when enough tissues have sickened and died from this disruption to the flow of life messages caused by subluxation, the organs become affected.

Ultimately, YOU and your body are moving more rapidly toward death than you otherwise would have or should have.


However, when the spinal bones are maintained properly and subluxations are corrected, through the process called the chiropractic adjustment, the spinal cord is able to carry life messages as close to 100% as possible from the brain out to the body and your cells become more alive ... and your tissues become more alive ... and your organs become more alive ... and ultimately YOU become more alive.


You are either fully alive or you are not. Once again, subluxations rob you of your life; chiropractic allows you to express it like you were meant to.


It's your choice.


It's that simple.

"Either get busy living or get busy dying."
-Andy DuFresne from the movie - The Shawshank Redemption

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