Some of the Many Causes of Subluxations in Dads:

Carrying the back-pocket wallet --  Giving piggy back rides  --  Paying the bills  --  Painting the living room  --  Cutting the hedges  --   Cleaning the gutters  --  Teaching their children to drive  --  Teaching their children to play sports  --  Wives  --  Worrying non‑stop  --   Learning new math  --  Trying to remember state capitals  --  Paying for college  --  Having to say "no"  --  Picking up after the kids  --  Standing in a cold rain watching your child play soccer  --   Standing in a cold rain watching your child play T‑ball  --  Standing in a cold rain watching your child play baseball  --  Watching your child participate in karate class and tournaments  --  Wrestling meets  --  Watching your child play tackle football  --  Holding children up high so they can see  --  Moving your son or daughter off to college  -- Worrying about them while they are there  --  Breathing in the fumes from grill cooking  --  Teaching a child to ride a bike  --  Choosing your battles  --  Kneeling to pray for your children  --  Making hard decisions  --  Gardening  --  Sleepless night with a sick child  --  Running errands  --  Throwing the kids around the pool  --  Riding on the scary rides at amusement parks  --  Carrying the heavy groceries  --  Worrying about where their kids are  --  Getting caught in traffic  --  Putting in the air conditioners  --  Building a shed/deck  --  Cleaning the pool  --  Paying allowances  --  Playing ball like they are kids  --  Packing the car for vacation  --  Fishing with the kids  --  Mowing the lawn  --  Bearing the heavy burdens of the family  --  Working overtime  --  Being the leader


Dads need to be checked regularly for subluxations!

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