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When it comes to produce, not all fruit is created equally. If you have ever looked at the difference between conventional fruit, grown with pesticides and often genetically modified, and organic fruit ... you likely notice that the conventional produce is bigger, prettier and more appealing to the eye. However if you have ever eaten both, your senses paint an entirely different picture. When I eat organic fruits and vegetables I notice a difference in taste immediately. They are juicer, tastier and the flavor simply bursts in my mouth whereas conventional fruit often tastes like it has been pumped up with water.


Yet, every time I go to the grocery store I am tempted to buy the conventional fruit because they look so good (and not to mention less expensive). I know organic taste better and it is healthier for me, yet I am still attracted to the conventional fruit's look. Like a kid in gym class who picks the big strong kids first to be on their team, I am being influenced by appearances. I realize that this is how many of us make our decisions, not only in the grocery store but throughout our life.


We have a tendency to make our choices based on appearance; based on how things look; based on an image; based on what looks good and feels good (instead of what is good for us); based on what's outside and not what's inside. Unfortunately when we do this life becomes tasteless because there is no juice, no substance. Like a pumped up strawberry everything is pretty on the outside but it has no flavor on the inside.


So this week I encourage you to Live Juicy. Realize that inside is where the juice for life can be found. Inside you is where your substance lives. It's where life tastes delicious; where joy is felt and flavor is found. A juicy life is not an artificial life. Pain is felt, challenges are faced, and sorrow is inevitable but they all help form who you are and create your substance and texture.


Just as organic plants create more phenolic compounds (antioxidants) in response to fighting off insects as opposed to plants grown with pesticides (the pesticides fight the bugs for the plant so the plant doesn't have a need to build the internal strength and create more phenolic compounds) human beings are stronger when we go through struggles and build our internal strength and substance. Just as sunlight, water, and fighting off the insects make organic fruit juicer, both joy and struggle together make our lives juicer. It all contributes to who we are and it's all part of a bigger plan.


So as you live a juicy life don't ignore your feelings. Don't deal with pain at the surface. Don't gloss over it with alcohol and denial; man's version of pesticides. Focus on the juice inside. Focus on building your internal strength. Allow yourself to feel joy. Make more choices based on substance and less on appearance. Look beyond the face and into the heart. Don't put wax over your life like supermarkets do with conventional apples. Sure we all want to look good and that's great, but what matters most is what's on the inside. Just eat a piece of organic fruit and conventional fruit and see for yourself.


Chiropractic may not appear as dramatic as other forms of health care.  I don't think there will ever be a Prime time TV drama about it.  But it may just be the best thing you can do for your health and anyone under regular care will tell you how their lives have changed for the better. Having a spine free of subluxations will not only allow you to better digest and process your healthy "juicy" food, but will allow your whole body to function better producing a juicier life.

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