A Bowling Ball

The typical adult head weighs approximately the same as the average bowling ball.


This provides some interesting food for though. Imagine carrying around a bowling ball all day for just one day. Do you think your arm would tire by the end of the day? Maybe even both arms would ache and your shoulders and back too! This is precisely the job the bones and muscles in your neck do every day, day after day, to "carry" around your head. A big job indeed!


Do you think this puts this area of your spine under any stress? You bet it does! Knowing that almost all of your nerves, no matter where they are going, must pass through your neck on their way from your brain to every cell, tissue, and organ of your body, would it make sense to ensure that the bones of your neck are properly aligned on a regular basis? You bet!


Just another good reason to see your chiropractor regularly. Who wants a bowling ball getting on their nerves?

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