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From K.S. (Bethlehem, Pa):
I've been to chiropractors in the past, and though the experiences were, by and large, positive, there would always be that feeling in the back of my mind that it was more about money than my health, or at least relatively equal. I have been severely out of alignment since a childhood accident, and, at least for my first weeks/months of care, need almost daily adjustments. With any other chiropractor, this would, financially, be an absolute impossibility. With Tom's system, it is affordable ... because he WANTS you to get well, and beyond that, to STAY well! Yes, it is his business and his vocation, and thusly, he must make money at it, but I say, without any hesitation and with complete confidence, that Tom's first and foremost agenda is the people that he cares for, and their health as human beings. I've known this man for 30 years, roughly, and I will tell you that there are no "friend discounts" here ... because everyone is a friend, and everyone can afford it. Here's the kicker: Tom actually LISTENS and acts accordingly. He understands that, yes, he is the expert, but that you also know your body well, and that your input to the process is essential to him helping you to get healthy. He has been helping me with my escape from the horrors of vertebral subluxation for about a month, and the results are amazing. Not only is my back feeling better, my entire body is feeling better. It aids in every physiological process imaginable, because proper alignment leads to proper communication between your brain and your body. It's a positive cycle, because when your body is feeling better, your emotional and mental states will improve in turn. And, amazingly, my mental capacities have improved such that I am more efficient in just about everything I do. Do yourself and your family a favor and give this a chance for one month. Everyone wants to improve their quality of life. I decided that it was worth my time and my money, and I was wrong ... it's worth EXPONENTIALLY more! You simply cannot put a price on your health! Tom is a very unique individual, and someone that can help you to get the most out of your mind and body!!!


From Luz D.:

We love Alpha Chiropractic!! Dr. Tom is wonderful, caring, gentle, and knowledgeable! We love the fact that we can pop in there whenever during his office hours in within 5 minutes we are taken care of!! He values our time!! The honor system is a great tool to help us receive the care that we need at a price that we can afford.


Christian L.:

Dr. Stamatis is awesome! I can't imagine my life now without chiropractic care. His consultation was so informative and I love how convenient his hours are. Look no further, Dr. Stamatis is your guy for chiropractic care!


Mary B.:

Dr. Tom is fabulous! He provides great care when I need it. He has gone out of his way, even in off-hours to help me when I needed an adjustment. I can't say enough good things about him, his practice and his ethics. Run (don't walk) to him for care. He's the BEST.


From Lisa S. (Nazareth, Pa):

My family and I love going to Dr. Tom to be adjusted. The honor fee system makes it affordable for all 5 members of the family to get adjusted at least twice a week. Not having to make it an appointment makes it easy to drop in on our way to run errands or do other things. Getting regularly adjusted made such a positive difference in my last pregnancy and my baby has been regularly adjusted since the day we came home from the hospital. Dr. Tom is always there for us whenever one of the kids has a nasty fall or for all the other unexpected injuries that happen in life. I highly recommend Dr. Tom and Alpha chiropractic without reservation.


From Barbara H. (Bethlehem, Pa):

Thank you for having such dedication in helping your patients become more knowledgeable about how to achieve a healthy body that will result in a superior quality of life. Knowledge is power and the more we can educate ourselves, the more we can take responsibility for our own health and avoid the pitfalls of disease and life draining illnesses. Most people are not stupid, just not educated enough to make a better choice in how they care for their overall health. In my opinion, there are three types of individuals when it comes to health - there are people who just plain neglect to care enough about their health to take the time and energy to learn and practice good health or listen to any advice. The second, are those who seek the knowledge and do all they can to stay healthy. And the third, are those who do care and will do anything but can't, due to their financial situation. If we are fortunate to meet someone, like yourself, to offer a financial solution, deliver information that we may not have obtained by reading and doing our own research, then we are truly blessed. I don't know of anyone who crossed my path before or now that has given me such an option to maintain good health, so I would say I've been blessed. People will spend thousands of dollars on a car, furniture, and vacations but will neglect spending money on their health - but it's their health that allows them to work to earn those dollars and to purchase those things. Without good health, nothing else can be enjoyed. It takes a desire to learn, time to research, and doctors like yourself who offer options to maintain and enjoy what good health offers. There aren't enough THANK YOU's to express my appreciation for your philosophy!!


From Michelle M:

So last week, my husband’s back went out and he went to the ER and received nothing but some pain killers and muscle relaxers. After these didn’t help at all after 3 days, a friend referred us to Dr. Tom at Alpha Chiropractic. After just one adjustment, my husband began feeling relief and has been adjusted every day this week. During our daily visits with Dr. Tom, we began discussing my 14-month old son’s trouble with walking. My son has been receiving weekly physical therapy since he was 2 months old for various birth-related issues. Just this week, his therapists recommended orthotics because he simply was not walking more than a few steps at a time. Dr. Tom adjusted my son on Thursday, we came home, and my son was walking clear across the room with no problem at all. He was adjusted on Friday, and began walking BACKWARDS with no issues and walking in figure 8′s all around the room with the greatest of ease. He was adjusted again today, his third adjustment in 3 days, and Dr. Tom commented, “I wonder if he will do gymnastics today!” He didn’t do gymnastics, but he suddenly knew how to eat with a fork properly as if he were 3 years old. I also have been getting adjusted this week just for increasing my own personal wellness. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend EVERYONE visit Dr. Tom!!!

From teelee (Bethlehem, Pa):
...been a skeptic of Chiropractic Care. It was my opinion that my MD knew best. Diagnosed years ago with "tension headaches" I never left home without two Excedrin and two Motrin. For years I suffered with these debilitating headaches, and while the medicines worked, it was only a temporary cure. Back in 2003 my husband convinced me to see Dr. Tom at Alpha Chiropractic after a work related back injury. From then until 2007 I would see Dr. Tom sporadically for back pain. During that time period he patiently taught me about his philosophy with regards to Chiropractic Care and how he incorporated that into a persons total body wellness. When he started his Honor Fee System I became a weekly patient of his and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I can't remember the last time I took to my bed (or took an Excedrin) with a headache. The back pain that often plagued me is also all but gone. This skeptic has become a believer and I happily recommend Dr. Tom to everyone. His professionalism and kindness is second only to his knowledge of Chiropractic Care. Do yourself and your body a favor and schedule an appointment, you won't be disappointed.

From Gwen P:
I met Dr. Tsamoutalidis at a seminar at my church. He was so knowledgeable about the spinal column that I really wanted to learn if he could help my problem. He helped me so much that even though I have moved away from the area, I still do not have the problems that existed before I started going to him. His rates were so reasonable and his energy so warm that I just knew he had my best welfare on his mind. He makes you become a part of a larger family and he always has time for his extended family. I can not say enough good things about the good Doctor. I am a huge FAN!!

From MeganMarie G.(Whitehall, Pa):
I was referred to Dr. Tom by a friend. I had seen a chiropractor before and had little success but had some not so good adjustment experiences (seeing stars after a neck adjustment). When I went to my first visit with Dr. Tom, I was very nervous about having my neck adjusted, but he was very understanding, compassionate, and truly cared about my well-being. I trust him completely. His true commitment to the health of his patients is like none I've ever seen. Finally, his very affordable fee structure makes care available and accessible to everyone, which is definitely NOT the norm.. He sincerely stands true to the Hippocratic Oath.

From Ryan M.:
I had my spine checked every week for 4 years by Dr. Tom when I lived in the Lehigh Valley and continue to get my spine checked here in Fairfax, VA. My Mother and Father started going before I did. I never understood why they were seeing a chiropractor if they had no back or neck issues. I learned after only a couple of visits the importance of having your spine checked regularly and what a subluxation is and the things that can cause a subluxation. Dr. Tom will tell you that he doesn't cure anything that his job is to remove those subluxations. Some of the things that I experienced after about a year of getting adjusted was shortened colds (I used to pop Advil cold and sinus like it was candy), virtually eliminated my allergies (I used to get allergy shots in both arms for years), am more focused, feel better emotionally (I used to have days I felt depressed for no reason).
Dr. Tom is not only someone I have an incredible amount of respect for as a chiropractor and educator is also a family friend. I always read his Spinal Column newsletters and make it a point to see him when I'm in town visiting family. I even invited him to my wedding.

From Steph F. (Nazareth, Pa):
I used to have horrible neck pain and dizziness and after just a few adjustments, Dr. Tom had me feeling great! I also have more energy then I've ever had before. I've been going for adjustments for about 4 years already and even got my husband, my parents, and a friend of the family to start going in for regular adjustments. Make the initial appointment, you won't be sorry! I recommend him to everyone I know. He makes it very affordable, so don't just go b/c you have pain -- get adjustments regularly!!!! You'll be happier and healthier for doing so.


From Lori R. (Bethlehem, Pa):

We are so happy we found Dr. Tom.  He has been keeping our family adjusted and pain free for a few years now.  His "Honor Fee System" keeps treatment affordable and available for everyone.  Not only is he a top notch chiropractor,he is an all around great guy!

From onlykl (Bethlehem, Pa):
I came to Dr. Tom a shade over three months ago with a spine so severely out of whack, it is truly a wonder that I was still able to walk. Couple that with a dislocated hip (for 30+ years), and you've got a recipe for a chiropractic challenge, to say the least. Tom consults with each patient before any care or treatment is given, because every person is so very individual. He then will scan your spine and surrounding muscles to show you exactly where you're at, so to speak. Well, the difference between where I was at 3 months ago and where I am now can only be measured in the thousands of percentage points. How is this possible? EVERYTHING is individual with Dr. Tom, including your level of payment. He is interested in one thing above all others, that being your health in its totality, which cannot truly reach its potential when your brain is not completely connecting with your body through the nervous system. It will make a world of difference in your life ... give it a try!!!


From Sherry T. (Bethlehem, Pa):

Best Chiropractor in the Lehigh Valley!  My daughter & I see him at least once every week - I like to say he "keeps me in line"!  The chronic lower back pain that I suffered for over 25 years is now practically non-existent.  Also, love the fact that I don't have to go thru an insurance company and love the Honor Fee System (each practice member or family determines their own fee for care and this fee is deposited in a box on the wall located in the reception room) & wish I could find an MD that would operate the same way!!!  I highly recommend this practice!


From jlzuk:

Experienced doctor, Educator, Friend...

My family was so impressed with Dr. Tom's website that we decided to call him right away. Who knew he was going to be such a good friend, in addition to providing us with top chiropractic care?! I have my spine adjusted every week since he has such an affordable fee schedule and I consider it to be a very important part of my health routine; He takes the time to answer any questions, using his extensive knowledge base, and does so with warmth. If he does not have the answer he says so and then takes the time to research it. Wow! Honesty! He has adjusted my daughter's spine from her car when she was too sick to walk in and even enlisted the help of all of his practice members when a friend hosted a fundraiser for her extensive health needs. Dr. Tom is more than an experienced doctor of chiropractic, he is a friend.


From jpmill:

Best knowledgable chiropractor I have ever...
been to many chiropractors in my past for various issues but was never fully satisfied with their service. Dr. Tom takes time and explains the aspects of chiropractic and how they can benefit your life in every way. I originally found out about Alpha Chiropractic by a flyer advertisement in a goodie bag handed out at a marathon race so I thought I'd give it a try with his free examination. I have had many surgeries on my lower spine with my most recent one being this past June and Dr. Tom sat down and explained to me how his practice could benefit my spine, not just the lower area but all of it! After my 1st adjustment I felt an immediate difference. To this day I still feel the benefits throughout my spine after every adjustment. Not only has my pain lessened but my thought clarity has become more acute.


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